Your guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, July 18

Coronation Street (ITV)

Paula Wilcox makes a guest appearance as Elaine, Geoff’s ex-partner, whose experiences may prove crucial to Yasmeen once the trial begins. The two women meet behind bars when Elaine pays a visit and reveals how she suffered at Geoff’s hands.

But then she disappears, and it’s up to Imran to track her down so he can ask her to testify on behalf of the defence. Geoff, meanwhile, uses his hospital radio show to announce he’s forgiven Yasmeen; she, however, suffers a heart attack as the stress of her situation finally takes its toll.

After speaking to Laura again, Adam becomes convinced that Gary has killed Rick. When Brian announces he’s going metal detecting in the local woods, Gary panics and decides to move the body - but he’s spotted by Brian and Bernie.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Cain has understandably jumped to the conclusion that Malone is responsible for putting Moira in hospital and vows revenge. Harriet tries to convince him that for once the cop is innocent and begs Cain not to do anything stupid. But will she be the one tempted to make a huge mistake when Malone says he can’t let her marry Will and asks her to run away with him instead?

The decision could be taken out of her hands when Will later catches Malone trying to plant drugs in his car. A fight breaks out that leaves someone lying lifeless on the floor...

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Scott and Mitchell now have a venue and a wedding date, but the guest list is causing problems as they are afraid that Walter won’t willingly RSVP yes. So, as part of their plan to trick him into attending, they invite their nearest and dearest to a charity night instead.

Celeste and Toby are in on the secret as Mitchell asks them to be his maid of honour and best man. However, Scott worries that all this subterfuge means they are never going to be a real couple and considers breaking the news to Walter himself.

Martine tries to get the bottom of what’s going on with Felix, while Lisa also wants answers after he stands her up.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Ryder makes a confession to his dad, and when Evan reveals that he only has a few months left to live, Ryder, Roo and Alf insist that he moves in with them. After doing a runner, Ryder finds Evan at a bus station.

Elsewhere, Maggie makes a heartbreaking decision, and everyone is inspired by Bella’s newfound independence.

Although John is slowly on the mend, he is disheartened when Tori tells him he must remain in hospital. However, just watch his face when he’s eventually told he can go home; you’d think Christmas had come early.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Why aren’t Roxy and Kyle together? That’s what she wants to know, so Rox puts him on the spot and asks him.

While Kyle admits he still has feelings for her, she thinks it’s time they committed to each other. When they finally decide to get together, Sheila isn’t thrilled with the news, so Kyle engineers a plan to get them working together at the Tram in the hope it will break the ice.

Poor Emmett is so desperate for mates he befriends a bunch of bad lads and takes the rap for a trashed classroom on their behalf.