Our guide to all the soap action week beginning Saturday, May 4

Not-So-Gentle Ben

EastEnders (BBC1)

Ben is trying to win Phil over - and he thinks the quickest way to his dad's heart is through the car lot.

First, he sabotages one of Rainie's sales, then he arranges to have most of the cars stolen. However, Max's return forces him to up his game as Ben tells Jay that legally he still owns the land and pressures him to reclaim it. It's left to Ruby to be the voice of reason as she suggests her boyfriend should speak to a financial adviser rather than listening to his jailbird mate.

When she's not dealing with Ben and venting her fury on Max, Rainie finds time to do a bit of stirring by dropping hints to Sonia about Bex and Stuart's unlikely friendship.

Keanu has two very big problems to deal with when Phil orders him to do another driving job - and Louise announces she's pregnant.

Dinah worries about the toll her illness is taking on Bailey, Kat wonders if Kush has an ulterior motive for inviting her over to his flat and Shirley unveils Tina's birthday surprise - Mick.

A Happy Return?

Coronation Street (ITV)

Now here's a sight for sore eyes - Norris is back in Weatherfield. But for how long?

Mary spots Freda nipping into Number 3 with an estate agent. After turning to Tracy for advice - which is never a very good idea - she dashes around, spots an urn and immediately panics, believing that Norris must be dead. However, a car then pulls up and he gets out.

Mary is obviously relieved, but not for long. Norris reveals that he needs a divorce because he and Freda are engaged. Can Mary win back her man, or does Cupid have something else in store for her?

Geoff manipulates Yasmeen into spending time with him, while love seems to be in the air for Bethany and Ryan - although Alya gets caught in the middle. Ryan is also thrilled to land a DJ gig at a local club.

Michelle takes over the search for Carla, Amy's efforts to play matchmaker backfire and Asha outsmarts Dev.

It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Emmerdale (ITV)

Even by soap standards, the villagers' recent trip to Hotten was eventful - it ended in Ellis being stabbed, Rhona having a mystery kiss and Victoria's life changing forever. And that's before we get to the mystery of Maya, who disappeared leaving just a scarf behind.

In fact, it was such an epic night that it's taken the best part of a fortnight to piece together what happened (it only took 24 hours in The Hangover), as this week we get a series of flashbacks filling in some of the gaps.

It begins with Billy remembering how he searched for his brother outside the club as the fire alarm was ringing, while Leyla opens up to Jacob about how she joined forces with Tracy and Priya to confront Maya. But when they then drove the teacher away, the evening took a terrifying turn...

Meanwhile, Victoria confides in Moira, who does her best to console her, while Rhona is wrestling with her guilt. And the revelations cause further shocks as David is struggling and Jessie and Marlon want answers.

Maaliks United

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

When Leela discovers that Ste hasn't deleted his recent meme, she decides to take matters into her own hands and contact Amir herself.

She's not the only one keen to speak to him as Sami tells the takeaway worker that he can help him build a case against Jonny and Stuart. After hearing on the news that Amir's shop has been broken into, Sami gets even more involved and confronts the racists himself - but Ste is quick to defend his new friends, especially after the lawyer makes the mistake of mentioning Tegan.

The Maaliks are determined to stick up for their family, but with Stuart's son Sid attending school with Imran, and Jonny and Ste claiming they are moving in next door, can they get away from their tormentors?

Elsewhere, Maxine has some explaining to do when she catches a banner with her 'bad' arm, but she's obviously convincing as Damon later makes a grand gesture.

Russ's sister Nicole arrives in the village to see Max, Brooke and Ollie plan to take their relationship to the next level, and Kyle makes a confession.

The Truth Will Out

Home and Away (C5)

Nobody seems very happy in Summer Bay at the moment. Take Colby, for instance. He still wants to confess all about Ross to the police, against the wishes of everyone around him.

He's moping around like a bear with a sore head, but even Bella, who is horrified by what he's done, can't stand the thought of her brother going to jail - and she may be the only person who can talk him out of what she sees as a mistake.

Then there's Ziggy, who is still nursing a broken heart over Brody's affair with Simone. After seeing the couple together, she punches him, but Maggie doesn't make the matter easier by continuing to employ her love rival.

Plus, Marilyn and John organise a flight home for Jett, who isn't sure if he'll ever walk again, while Raffy increases her usage of cannabis oil - a move she may regret.

Baby Blues

Neighbours (C5)

Is the stress of Elly's pregnancy driving her to drink? No, but that's what she tells Dipi and Mark before being rushed to hospital; an intruder attacks her at the school, and it remains to be seen whether the baby is okay.

Meanwhile, Finn is ready to leave town, until Bea finds him and persuades him to return. Leo and Roxy decide to buy the Back Lane Bar, but Terese wants to know how she's found enough cash for the purchase. Though Paul wants Roxy out, Terese wants her to stay and is glad when she changes her mind.

Elsewhere, Amy might be with Gary, but it seems her mind is elsewhere - namely with Kyle. Little wonder she wants the ground to open up and swallow her during brunch with Paul and Terese when she calls Gary 'Kyle'.

And Karl persuades Toadie to hold an impromptu fundraiser for the Sonya Foundation at the tram. Don't be too surprised if that proves disastrous. This is Erinsborough after all.