Sale Fell is the most north-western of the Wainwrights and is easily identified from the road to Cockermouth. Its modest height of 1170 feet, grassy slopes and splendid views make it a simple climb for most walkers.

For a full day’s outing it’s worth bagging the neighbouring Ling Fell as well.

This figure of eight walk provides a choice of doing either or both of these small Wainwright Fells.

To drive to the start take the A66 from Keswick towards Cockermouth.

At the end of the dual carriageway turn left onto the minor road signed Wythop Mill, and twice left at The Pheasant Inn.

At Wythop Mill turn left before the bridge (signed Wythop Hall) and after 0.4 mile park on the left near the road junction at Brumston Bridge (grid reference NY 184 293, nearest postcode CA13 YJR).


1. Go through the road gateway 120 yards east of Brumston Bridge and turn left to climb steeply beside a wall on the left. Near the top of the slope turn right and follow the grassy path to the summit of Sale Fell. The name means the hill where willow grows (from the old Norse word salh). The view ahead makes a dramatic picture of the mighty Skiddaw group of fells. Continue a little beyond the summit to enjoy a view of the north end of Bassenthwaite Lake. The walk now visits two more hilltops on the fell – Rivings (1099 feet) and Lothwaite (1132 feet), both with gentle slopes. Veer right and follow the broad grassy path descending to a wall gap then going uphill again to the top of Rivings. Now steer more to the left and continue to the summit of Lothwaite, whose name means ‘airy settlement’.

2. Turn right descending steeply to the edge of woods on the left. On reaching a track turn right and follow the track past the remains of a chapel, then past Kelsick and back through the gate signed TOODLES (a cheerful word that possibly derives from the French "a` tout a` l'heure", meaning "see you later") to where the walk began. The walk so far is only 3 miles and 900 feet of ascent so if time and energy permit it’s worth spending another hour or so to bag Ling Fell.

3. Turn left, cross Wythop Beck via Brumston Bridge and walk uphill. The name Wythop (pronounced ‘with-up’) comes from old English words for willow and hop (blind valley): so the names of Wythop and Sale both refer to willow. Turn right at the junction and after 200 yards bear left and go through a metal gate. Keep left and follow the track going around the side of Ling Fell. Near where the track stops ascending turn right onto a grassy track leading to the 1224-feet summit of Ling Fell, topped by an Ordnance Survey triangulation column. The views of Cockermouth and the coast are what make the ascent most worthwhile.

4. Bear right going downhill onto a grassy track, going to the left of two piles of stones. Follow the grassy downhill track, turning right onto the track called Corpse Road to return to the roadside gate. Turn right then left at the junction and go downhill back to Brumston Bridge.