IN 1991, thousands of plucky customers headed down for an all night rave in the legendary acid house at Roosecote sand quarry.

On August 17 of that year, a night that cost a total of £60,000 attracted thousands of people for a once in a life time event that featured some of the best technology of its day.

The event featured "a huge 85-kilowatt sound system, lights, lasers, a fairground, projections, dance platforms, top DJs, live bands and more", according to a report ahead of the event. Clubbers filled the huge dancefloor from 8pm to 8am with the organisers describing it as being like "the days of Wigan casino".

The rave was organised by Barrow businessmen Paul Snowden and Paul Webber, in conjunction with party promoters Nemesis. The night was one to remember.