A TRADITION dating back more than one hundred years, the Lowick Show has joined local interests with agriculture to create an event that never fails to attract hundreds of people every year.

Never to be put off by the weather, the traditional county show has become a must visit for tourists and is in the diary of every local farmer.

Livestock, horses, home produce and traditional Cumbrian pursuits are among some of the reasons communities always flocked to visit the agricultural show over the past 150 years.

Located near Lowick Bridge, the event has seen generations of families and businesses take part throughout its history, as well as thousands of people from the outside of the county.

For more than 150 years locals, families and country show lovers have made their way to Lowick Show.

Held on Saturdays, it never failed to showcase the best Cumbria had to offer.

The event, which is held annually, often sees more than 1000 people lapping up the sunshine every year in the summer months.

In the past the show organisers have seen crowds of up more than 5000 entering through the gates.

Numerous tents are seen dotted around the field which invite spectators to sample some of the homemade delicacies such as cheese, cake, and other local produce.

Some of the more iconic snacks, foods and treats have made a name for themselves appearing at the show.

Children have always been able to enjoy the donkey rides, candy floss and classic fairground rides which are on throughout the day.

Offering hours of entertainment, Lowick show is known to be an action-packed finale of the agricultural show season.

After a jam-packed day of fell running, wrestling, handicrafts and cattle, the show is rounded off with an ever-popular show dance complete with live music.

Events include Westmorland and Cumberland Wrestling, Races, horse back riding and motorcycle stunts performed by local athletes and stars. Some competitors trained all year round to prepare for the show.