A BARROW school celebrated its new-look buildings in 1989 with a special ceremony for the young pupils to enjoy.

After the official opening of their new buildings and a new green space that the pupils could use, the Greengate Junior School marked the occasion with an exciting balloon release day.

More than 260 green balloons floated high over the streets of Barrow, marking the opening of Greengate Junior School's refurbishment.

This programme had cost them a total of £140,000 and had even involved the demolition of five classrooms.

This was the first time in the school’s 116-year-old history that a grassed play area has been created.

The children celebrated the day on May 6 on the new greenery by wearing green clothes and green rosettes.

The afternoon also included a special serving of delicious green iced cake that the pupils and staff could enjoy.

Each student also got to release a green balloon in the air.

The balloons would have a name tag attached to them and the winner would be the person whose balloon had travelled the furthest.

Headmaster Colin Smith welcomed parents and guests to the opening, including retired teachers, past pupils, governors, welfare officers, councillors, and a community policewoman.

Colin said it was fitting for the celebration to have a green theme when the town was starting a Think Green week.

He raised a laugh when he produced a pair of green handled scissors for Evelyn Alexander to cut the green ribbon to officially open the school.

Miss Alexander, the principal education officer (primary and welfare) at the county education offices in Carlisle and Mr Smith said she has supported the idea of refurbishing the school since it was first suggested three years earlier. Among the visitors was 80-year-old Clara Pottage, who was a pupil at the school in 1917 when she was eight years old. She taught at the school from 1963 to 1970.

She said: "I can remember when we had 100 children and two teachers in one room. We had to be quiet then."