THE Brownies have shaped the lives and childhoods of countless young women throughout the country and Cumbria has seen many memorable actions and events by the organisation.

In 1991, members of the 1st Pennington St Michael’s Brownies pack celebrated the 25th anniversary of their formation at a party in the Pennington memorial hall.

Joining them was Tina Boyle, their Brown Owl, and Audrey Newsham, the first of the pack’s Owls.

The party was well attended and brought families of the group together for an enjoyable and relaxing event.

In 1992, the Third Millom St George’s Brownies displayed their new flag in their hall after it had received the blessing from Reverend Sam Burrows.

It was presented to the group by Millom Rotary club, and brought by President Bryan Whitaker, Vice President John Pennington, and Ron Friar.

In 1994, the St Francis Brownies were all smiles when they were named as the winners of the Ancient Order of Forresters Cup.

The cup was awarded for a collage to mark 80 years of Brownies activities.

In total, seventeen packs from Barrow and District competed in the contest.

The Third Dalton pack was second and the St John’s pack was third.

The St Francis Brownies collage shows two trees and the Brownie promise.

In 1996, a member of the Brownies passed a special badge in bell ringing.

Marie Pattinson, of Kirkby Brownies, used her local church chimes, rather than just using regular hand bells to pass her badge.

She began bell ringing the year before and within six months of starting she was ready to pass stage one of the bell ringers staged badge for church bells.

Marie’s achievement was the first of its kind in the division and is thought to be the first time a Brownie has rung church bells in the county.

The Brownies organisation has been a staple in the Cumbrian community since its creation and has been a place for young kids to grow and develop.