CYCLING is a pastime for some but a profession for others, and the Cumbrian community has a long history of achieving greatness on two wheels.

The sporting events have taken place in the county for decades, with memorable events taking place every year up to the present day.

Current cycling events include the gruelling Fred Whitton challenge which takes place in the Hardknott Pass

In 1968, local cyclists taking part on the long climb up Ireleth Hill were captured by a photographer, as they were cheered on by their excited supporters.

A photo from 1989 showed the charter princess Lorraine Bleasdale waving the starting flag as riders set off on a race taking place in Bardsea.

The atmosphere was tense as the competitors waited for the starting whistle. The moment the flag was waved and the cyclists set off with great speed.

In 1997, Dalton charter princess, 14-year-old Debra Postlethwaite, waved off 50 riders from the Newton Pub at the start of the Dalton Charter road race.

The community of Barrow has seen a wide range of talent, and has played host to sporting events and races from cycling to motorcycling.