The history of Chetwynde’s school successes have seen pupils achieve high academic grades, sporting goals and impressive acting performances.

In 1994, Andrew Phipps-Jones, 12, from Chetwynde School, put on a masterful performance of Mozart Melodies.

The pupil’s melody was part of the school's upcoming production of The Boy Mozart.

In 1997, Barrow pupil Nikhil Rathi scored top marks in his chemistry, mathematics, further maths, general studies, German and physics.

His academic success was the product of his high drive for education and his high-quality work was noticed by his peers and teachers long before he received his grades.

He also passed two special papers in German and chemistry, getting a distinction in German.

His performance in the German exam was the best of all.

He also received a letter from the examination board informing him that he had reached the top five ranked scores in the country.

Nikhil said: “I was overwhelmed, really pleased.

"It’s been worth all the hard work in the end.

“I needed to get three As to get on my course at Oxford and I was fairly confident I would get that.

“I was surprised with what I got, especially in the German test.”

Doctors’ son Nikhil, who lived on Windermere Avenue, later headed to Oxford University where he studied politics, philosophy, and economics.

In 2008, Chetwynde School was praised along with all of its pupils.

The independent school’s inspectorate said the school had fulfilled its aim to "create a friendly atmosphere in which all pupils may realise their potential successfully."

Inspectors said the school – for children aged three and up – possessed strong leadership qualities and excellent social development.

The report said: “Older pupils are seen as role models for the younger pupils to a good effect.”

Mrs Nixon, the school’s headmaster, said: “The overall report is very pleasing and acknowledges the hard work of our staff and pupils.

“The school’s high academic standards are acknowledged along with its outstanding pastoral care and wide range of extra-curricular activities.

“We are always keen to improve and we are already acting on the advice in the report regarding monitoring of policies and sharing good practise.”