As christmas approaches The Mail is revisiting some of the memorable parties from around the schools of Cumbria.

Pupils enjoyed the opportunities to dress up, play games, sing Christmas carols, and decorate their schools.

Schools lets the students design their own fancy dress outfits and bring in their own treats to add to the festive days.

From carolling, festive plays and delicious Christmas-themed snacks, the children were given memorable festive days by the school and their teachers.

The party at Roose Methodist Church in 1988 brought fun and amusement to the toddlers, who were allowed to don their own Christmas hats for the day.

The children had spent the morning making their own designs and outfits which they could wear during the party and later take home with them.

Flookburgh Primary School put on their own production of Dick Whittington in 1992 to celebrate their Christmas.

The show, based on the folklore tale of Dick Whittington and his Cat inspired by the wealthy real-life merchant, was enjoyed by the students who took part in the show and by the teachers and children who got to watch the production.

Greengate Infants enjoyed a number of carol singers during their Christmas in 1997.

Reviving classic songs and bringing a festive atmosphere to their school, the pupils and staff listened to students Simon, Lee, Shaun. Middle, James, Matthew, Joe, Jordan and Ryan.

Even four-year-old Sam Ardon from Schneider Road playgroup got excited as the jelly arrived during his party that year.

The Beacon Hill playgroup party's Punch and Judy show in 1993 brought laughter to the party that year, as well as keeping alive the age-old show during the festive time.

The Yarlside Playgroup saw their pupils enjoy an exciting festival party in 1998, where the pupils and staff enjoyed Christmas songs and festive-themed treats.