JUNIOR footballers of Barrow showed off their skills in the February 2016.

Saturday mornings saw the youngsters head out onto the field in the midst of their league’s winter break.

Under-sevens teams from the Barrow and District Junior Football League found a new outlet for their skills while the competition was temporarily on hold.

With the first two months left blank on the year's calendars, 12 sides have taken the opportunity for some high-octane action at Pulse Soccer.

The small 3G pitches at the Barrow football centre had been taken over each week by teams eager to stay sharp and keep children engaged in the game.

A mini league took place every Saturday morning and Pulse general manager Keith Holmes is delighted to see the youngsters taking a lot of enjoyment from it.

He said: “The under-sevens normally have no fixtures on grass scheduled in January and February, so the whole concept of it all is to keep the youngsters active and engaged until March.

“We are providing the coaches and clubs with plenty of non-competitive fixtures, while their players are getting plenty of touches of the ball and during these smaller games.”