THE Mail is revisiting the county's results day in 2015 where students found out what lay ahead for their educational futures.

Two friends from Ulverston were among the top performers in the country on August 15.

Their hard work and effort saw them achieving A*s and As.

%image('12090974', type='article-full', caption='HAPPY: Ulverston Victoria High School's Adam Lenartowicz (centre) celebrates after he was awarded an A in AS Maths', alt='HAPPY: Ulverston Victoria High School's Adam Lenartowicz (centre) celebrates after he was awarded an A in AS Maths')

Molly Moss and Megan O'Donovan were delighted as they found out they both secured places at their first choice universities following two years of hard study and sacrifice.

Miss Moss, who ended up heading to the University of Cambridge after achieving an A* in English Literature, A* in Creative Writing, A* in French, A in German and B in EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), said: "I couldn't sleep last night.

"I'm very happy. I'm relieved the hard work has paid off."

Six years of study awaited Miss O'Donovan as she won a place at the University College London to read medicine.

The 17-year-old achieved an A* in chemistry, A* in mathematics, A in biology, A in further mathematics, and A in EPQ, the perfect combination needed to study at the prestigious university.

She said: "I feel relieved, so happy. I know my mum is proud."

On the same day, Millom school saw further cause for celebration as their students received their results.

The 2015 A-Level results day saw Antonia Raven being among students who turned up to Millom School to pick up her grades.

Having secured an A* in English language, a B in general studies and a C in geography, the 18-year-old, of Holborn Hill, Millom, described herself as “ecstatic.

The oldest of eight siblings, Antonia will be the first from her close-knit family to fly the nest.

Antonia would be spending an extra year at sixth form completing two A-Levels she started last year and received her AS results for yesterday, collecting a D in psychology and a C in English literature.

Antonia said: “We’ve been quite supportive of each other.

"We actually did the same geography exam because I had to resit one exam."