A MUSEUM which has documented Barrow’s past is the focus of today’s memories section.

The Dock Museum museum has been a firm favourite for adults and children over the years.

The Mail:

In 2014, members of the Wetheriggs Animal Sanctuary paid a visit.

During the day they showed off some baby animals and exotic animals to the children.

The Mail:

Youngsters got to play with baby ducks, spiders, and other animals.

For some this was their first exposure to creatures like these.

The Mail:

History came alive for the visitors in August 2014, when a special exhibition featuring Roman and Celtic culture was put on by the staff.

The Meet the Ancestors Day included lessons on Roman recipes, Celtic face painting, Roman and Celtic weaponry and more.

Kev Robson played the Celtic warrior Venutius who showed Caine Hinchley from Barrow a warrior’s helmet.

The Mail:

In December of that year, Vintage Christmas vintage fair was held at the museum.

During the fair Karen Hall from Vinegar Lil’s manned her own stall as members of the public came down to see the event.

A chance for the younger visitors to see more exotic animals came around once again at museum in 2015.

The Mail:

Local children met and fed a variety of animals at the Dock Museum when they were brought in for a special events day in April.

Also, that year, North West Finds Liaison Officer Stuart Noon hosted a Q&A over metal detection and archaeology.

He was part of the team that discovered a Bronze Age ceremonial spear near Barrow.

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