BEFORE schools were as technologically advanced as they are today, the introduction of visual technology in education saw a Kendal, school pupils recognised for their talents.

Castle Park primary school, Kendal, whose choice is to be featured in a television song contest has triumphed over other schools and youth groups round the country to win a top award for a slide-tape programme.

The top-class award is the British Industrial and Scientific Film Association prize for the programme exploring the relationship between industry commerce and the school.

With the help of resident Brewery photographer Derek Smith, aged 11, pupils produced a programme called “A Day at Work”.

This featured a day in the life of a worker at the Cropper’s the Burneside paper manufacturers.

The headmaster of Castle Park school Mr Robert Booth, who travelled to London with the pupils, expressed how proud he was with their work and commitment.

Together they arrived in London to collect their trophy from the Wembley conference centre.

Lady Plowden, who was very well known for her work in education, was there to make the presentation celebrating the pupil’s success.

The national contest was run by the Committee for Audio Visual Aids in Education.

The committee believe that slide-tape is a medium ideally suited for schools and for young eyes in the advancement of their education.

They believe that competitions like this will be instrumental for introducing pupils in Cumbria, and across the Great Britain to new forms of learning and creativity.

They wish to encourage activities and learning throughout the curriculum to begin including more visual aids in class.

Mr Booth told the Gazette he thought slide-tape was an interesting teaching method and he was very pleased with the pupil’s outstanding success.

Mr Booth added: “At the level these talented pupils worked they made an excellent job of it.”

The school now hopes to develop the slide-tape even further in school and improve learning capabilities for pupils in Kendal.