THIS super set of pictures of the reminder Press at Ulverston have been sent in by Alan Ingle, of Princewood Drive, Barrow.

They show 20 years in the long history of a family-run firm which provided work for Alan and several of his relative.

He writes: "My father, Harry Ingle, worked there from 1930 when he joined his father at the firm from work.

"He was there for 60 years, except for the Second World War when he was called up and joined the navy.

"He was a time-served apprentice machine/ composition at a firm which contained his dad, sister, uncle and brother-in-law, also for a time two Ulverston lads.

"Being larger than Fletcher and Robinson printers, just up the road, and printing the forerunner to the Advertiser for 28 years, they became the town's general and commercial printers.

"They stayed until the building was sold in 1995.

"Harry and his sister, Doris Milby, ran it from 1964 with me as a young apprentice machine manager.

"I worked there from 1961 to 1972 and when I emigrated to work in Canada, they sold out but remained working for the new remainder press.

"New owner Brian Tyson expanded the works, taking on new staff and up-dating the printing with a new Heidelberg four-colour printer."