THE Plough Inn is now the last pub still serving on a street which once had six places to enjoy a drink and 20 years ago was packed to the doors as it reopened after being shut for almost six months for refurbishment.

Holborn Hill, Millom, once offered the Station Hotel, Millom Castle, The Ship, Red Lion and the Commercial to chose from - all are for sale, demolished, or converted to housing.

The Mail, on Monday, April 24 in 2000, noted: "Many glasses were raised to mark the opening of a revamped Millom pub last week.

"On Thursday the Plough Inn opened hits doors to revellers for the first time in nearly six months.

"The pub closed in November when the brewery put it up for sale.

"The Gardner family, of Haverigg, bought it and have spent thousands of pounds refurbishing it.

"Joan Gardner, who is going to be running the pub, is hoping to get many games up and running, such as darts, cribs and regular quizzes."

Barman Warren Steffert said: "It was a brilliant opening night as the place was really packed out.

"I think everyone who came thought it was really good."