THERE was a good opportunity to have fun and raise money for good causes when the mayor took aim at the pins at the former Barrow Superbowl at Hollywood Park.

The Mail, on Saturday, February 5 in 2000, noted: “Barrow Council officials shed their suits, put on their two-tone leather shoes and casual slacks and turned out to raise £1,800 for charity in one night this week.

“Nearly one-in-four of the council’s 380 staff formed 15 teams to compete against the rest of the town at a tenpin bowling tournament.

“The contest took place at Barrow’s Superbowl at the Hollywood Park leisure and shopping complex, off Hindpool Road.

“The tournament was the idea of Barrow’s mayor, Cllr Jean Waiting, and the town hall staff took it up with enthusiasm.

“They invited businesses and clubs across the town to compete against them.

“The money was in aid of the National Children’s Homes and Homestart charities, which were each handed cheques for £750.

“They will also soon receive the proceeds from a raffle, which will give them an extra £150 each. “Homestart, a local charity, helps young people set up their first homes.

“Cllr Waiting was in the first team to bowl and last year’s mayor,Cllr Mary Irwin, also took a turn.”

A Barrow Council official said: “Once the mayor announced the idea there was no lack of enthusiasm at the town hall.

“No one had to be pressed and those who took part were enthusiastic.It was the first bowling competition we had had and it was sosuccessful that it might even became an annual event.”

The Mail, on Saturday, May 18 in 2002, noted: “Nurses, firefighters, paramedics, police officers and members of the coastguard took over Barrow Superbowl in Hollywood Park on Thursday night for a bowling competition to raise money for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. “More than 140 people competed with spectators lining the alleys to cheer on their favourite local heroes.”