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Text for Monday Spread on School choir trip to London

Headline: Furness school singers join choir of 1,700 at Royal Albert Hall in London

Strapline: Pupils got involved in designing and painting giant murals which were supported by grants from businesses and the National Lottery

PUPILS from a Furness School had a big day out in London when they were given the opportunity to sing in a massed choir event.

Thirty members of the St Barnard’s Association Choir travelled from Barrow to join 1,700 others for a concert at London's Royal Albert Hall in July 1997.

The event was called Concerts From Scratch and featured youngsters from Britain, Ireland and Germany.

Pupils from St Bernard’s Catholic High School also went to Leicester later in the year to perform at the centenary of the national association representing head teachers.

It was one of many arts and musical projects that pupils have been involved through the years

The Mail, on Monday, September 22 in 1997, noted: "Pupils are using large areas of a Barrow secondary school as a giant canvas to express their art.

"The arts project at St Bernard's RC School involves professional artists working with GCSE art pupils and Barrow Sixth Form College students.

"It has been backed by a £5,000 lottery grant and donations from Cumbria Arts in Education, Barrow Council, VSEL and Furness Brick and Tile.

"Projects include a mural in the school canteen, a sculpture garden based on the theme of the sea and transforming a portable building into a stimulating drama room.

"The pieces are based on ideas originating from the pupils."

Art teacher Martin Copley said: "Now that they're involved, the pupils are really keen on it and they respect the pieces around the school."

The Mail, on April 7 in 1995, noted: "The audience roared approval for the latest production  at St Bernard's School.

"Year seven and eight pupils from the lower school in Barrow took part in the Lucky Lion, a traditional Chinese new year legend of how villagers built a lion to scare away a beast which was trampling their crops.

"The talented youngsters not only acted in the play but helped make the models of the lucky lion and the beast."

The Mail, on March 20 in 1996, noted: "All the world's a stage and Barrow school children were merely players when they took part in a Shakespeare workshop.

"The English Shakespeare Company visited St Bernard's RC School to help bring his work to life for the youngsters and visiting pupils from Thorncliffe School.

"A total of 90 pupils took part in the joint project.

"After the morning workshop and a lecture on Macbeth, the pupils watched the company perform the play."