YOUNGSTERS had fun getting into historic outfits as a South Cumbrian school gave pupils a taste of classroom life in the Victorian era

The Mail, on Wednesday, April 1, in 1998, noted: "Year five pupils at the Sir John Barrow School, Ulverston, dressed in period costume as the day's curriculum was re-modelled to match a typical school day during Queen Victoria's reign.

"Lessons began yesterday with children having to memorise a proverb of the day from the blackboard and the theme continued in the school yard, where the youngsters were made to do drill as part of a Victorian PE lesson.

"The day was organised by year  teachers Nichola Booth and Richard Ensoll to tie in with this term's history topic.

"They also played the part by dressing in traditional costume."

Ms Booth said: "A lot of it involved role playing.

"When Richard had his cap on the pupils knew he was playing the part of a Victorian teacher and when he took it off, we returned to the modern day.

"The children took pictures home with them and their parents helped put the costumes together."