CAREER prospects for South Cumbrian youngsters got a boost in 1995 – except for would-be police officers - when representatives from dozens of firms described job opening and training places.

The Mail, on Thursday, November 9 in 1995, noted: "The Opportunities '95 event at Forum 28, Barrow, which is being attended by hundreds of teenagers over two days, provides information and advice on further education, training and apprenticeships.

"Also on offer at the convention are up to 60 Modern Apprenticeships for BNFL next year - though not all apprentices are guaranteed a job at the end of their training.

"Not doing as well yesterday was the police recruiting stand because the Cumbria force has a freeze on all recruitment following Government cuts."

Sgt Alan Tomlinson, from Ulverston, was getting a lot of inquiries from girls about a career in the Army.

He said: "The girls seem to know what they want when they come in, whereas the boy's don't."