NEAR the top of many lists of good intentions at the start a new year is to lose a few pounds and get fitter.

Today’s pictures from The Mail’s archive show a few of the ways that has been achieved through the years.

In September 2000, the Barrow boy band Mystical Experience were to play live at a roller disco at Barrow’s Park Leisure Centre.

It was part of new fitness programme aimed at youngsters called The Max Club - short for Maximum Attitude Exercise - which was developed by staff at the leisure centre and Planet Pulse gym.

Supervised sessions at the gym were being held at weekends and Ian Jones said: “The club is designed to improve the general health and fitness of 11 to 16-year-olds in Barrow.”

Joining the Max Club also got you free entry to the Mystical Experience fan club.

The Mail, on Friday, January 29 in 1999 noted that eight women and a man had lost five stones of surplus weight in a 12-week sponsored slim.

A cheque for £370 was presented to St Mary’s Hospice at Ulverston.

Ashley worker Ray Dent said it had started as a joke between colleagues but word spread and others joined in and it was decided to raise funds for a good cause.

Barrow’s Furness College hosted a health and fitness exhibition in 2000 which was aimed at highlighting muscular problems and the causes of back pain.

The five-day event was designed by second year students studying for a National Diploma in Science and coincided with the European Week of Safety and Health.

The Mail, on January 26 in 2001, noted: “The Park Leisure Centre in Barrow has just had a £124,000 refurbishment.

“The gym aims to cater for everyone, especially those looking for cardio-vascular exercise, including children and the elderly.

“New machines have been installed which some equipped with personal controls and headsets so you can watch TV or listen to the radio as you exercise.