YOUNGSTERS had the opportunity to laugh at some of their teachers wearing outlandish outfits as panto fun came to the stage at a Furness school.

Among those willing to dress to impress was Mr Berry, head of the religious education department, playing the character Vanilla, and Mr Rooney, head of maths, as Delight.

The Mail, on January 4 in 2001, noted: "Staff and pupils worked their exotic magic in a pantomime version of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves at St Bernard's School, Barrow."

Rachel Waddington played the title role and other leading cast members included Catherine Pearce as Polly Jones; Naomi Zimmerman as Rhum Baba and  Phillip Howard  as Kasim Baba.

Among the comedy characters was Emma Nelson as Bubble and Joanne Keane as Squeak.

Joining forces to keep panto camel upright was David O'connor and Ewan McDonald.

There is still a chance to catch the annual professional panto at Barrow's Forum, in Duke Street, until Monday.

You can see performances of Aladdin daily at 1pm and 4.30pm