THE stage is set for tomorrow’s first night of A Woman in Mind at the Coronation Hall – the latest in a long line of shows by Ulverston Outsiders stretching back to before the Second World War.

To mark this new show, which can be seen at 7.30pm from November 19 to 22, we are taking a look at some of the production from the past 20 years.

This week’s dark comedy by Alan Ayckbourn features the imaginary family of bored wife Susan, played by Helen Newall.

The Outsiders were born from a public meeting held in 1936 and the first major production was Distinguished Gathering at the Coronation Hall in 1938.

In 1999 the classical Greek world formed the backdrop for the bawdy comedy Lysistrata.

The Mail, on Thursday, November 12, noted: “The play is one of 11 surviving texts by one of the most important Greek dramatists, Aristophenes, who died in 380BC.”

It featured a group of women who went on a sex strike to force their husbands to stop a war.

The title role was played by Jayne Harris with Marjorie Atkinson as Stratyllis.

March 1999 saw the Outsiders go on tour with a couple of plays called Red Peppers and Still Life to mark the centenary of the birth of the author, Noel Coward.

Still life was set at a railway station in the 1930s and the story became more famous as the film Brief Encounter featuring the Carnforth station café.

Red Peppers was a musical comedy about music hall performers George and Lily Pepper.

The pair was played by Jenny Shipley and Kevin Neale.

In 2000 the theatre group chose Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance to present at the Coronation Hall.

The Mail, on Wednesday, November 22 in 2000, noted: “Set designer Howard Jepson has done them proud, creating a stunning ivy-festooned garden which cleverly incorporates the stage into the in-the-round format.”

Jane Duckworth played the snooty Lady Caroline Pontefract with Trevor Hughes as her obedient, scuttling husband.

It noted: “Barbara Springthorpe is fluffy and silly as Lady Stutfield and Jayne Harris is excellent as the flirtatious, vain Mrs Allonby.”

The Mail, on Wednesday, March 26 in 2003 described She Stoops to Conquer, a slice of slice of life in the 18th century.

It noted: “Our heroine Kate Hardcastle, played by Kate Black, is all grace and elegance.”

Among the cast was Bridget Brice, as Dorothy Hardcastle, Pat Timewell, as the maid and Kate’s cousin Constance, played by Helen Newell.