MEDICAL staff at Barrow's hospital took a brief break from the serious business of saving lives in 2000 to raise a few laughs among friends and colleagues..

Panto traditions were upheld by a pair of ugly sisters but there were also some comedy cleaners and a naughty nurse.

The Mail, on Thursday, January 27, noted: "Staff at Furness General Hospital tried a different kind of theatre on Monday an Tuesday this week, when they put on their own pantomime, Salmonella.

"The performances, the first time the staff have involved themselves in a panto, were specially for other members of staff and their families.

"About 25 cast members took to the stage and the event was such a success that they hope to repeat the pantomime tradition next year."

The title role of Salmonella was played by Helen Uren and there was even a Millennium Bug, played by Julie Parsons.