SCIENCE lessons can take on a new light for Furness youngsters when they are fun and can be related directly to the adult world of work.

The Mail, on June 16 in 1994, noted: “Young boffins at Roose County Primary School, in Barrow, have been given am early lesson in chemistry.

“Retired chemist Alan Williams, who used to work at Glaxo’s Ulverston plant, gave the Year Four pupils an introduction to chromatography,which deals with the separation of colours in liquids.

“The lesson was the first part of the pupil’s industrial project, which they will complete next year.

“Aged between eight and nine, the 28 children carried out basic experiments and watched Mr Williams’ demonstrations.

“The pupils also went with Mr Williams for a look around the Glaxo plant at Ulverston.”

The following year, pupils at Roose got involved in a range of science activities and were awarded special certificates.

The Mail, on Thursday, October 26 in 1995, noted: “Children have been getting to grips with all things scientific this week.

“And their hard work was rewarded when they achieved bronze awards from the Association for the Advancement of Science.

“To gain their certificates and badges the children had to carry out 12 different experiments, which included testing out a model raft and hot air balloon and trying to keep a jam jar warm.

“The school has been running a special science club during the school lunch hour with pupils volunteering to take part.”

Headteacher David Fellows said: “It’s a very popular course  and all the children really enjoy it.”

The Mail, on October 13 in 1993, noted: “Science stars at Roose Primary School received Advancement of Science awards.

“subjects covered included caterpillars, plants and how they work and all disciplines including physics, chemistry and biology.

Technology support teacher, Val Ronald, ran the school science club and was full of praise for youngsters who were keen to know more about the world.

She said: “They are very enthusiastic.

“It makes them very inquisitive.

“They come and tell me things that they have found out for themselves.

“The interest it raises here can’t fail to keep them interested when they move on.”