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Text for Saturday Lead on Dendron anniversary

Headline: Famous preacher and pupil who became a top artistfeatured in church 350th anniversary

Strapline: Building started life in first year of theEnglish Civil War and school cost £1 per year

A HISTORIC South Cumbrian church counted Quaker founderGeorge Fox as a visiting preacher and Georgian high society artist GeorgeRomney as one of its school pupils.

St Matthew’s Church at Dendron celebrated its 350 thanniversary in 1992 and parishioners were keen to share its fascinating storywith visitors.

The Mail, on September 18 noted that an exhibition was heldin the school room and a celebration service was led by the Reverend AlanCampbell, of the Prayer Book Society.

Money made in Londonby Leece-born Robert Dickinson paid for the church to be built in 1642 – thefirst year of the English Civil War.

Dalton-born portrait painter George Romney was a pupil atthe church school in 1745 – at a cost of £1 per year for tuition and threepencea day for a bed and food.

In 1830 the church was extended and electricity wasinstalled in the 1930s.

The church was given a £12,