A LAKELAND cave provided the ideal echo chamber for some unusual music recordings made by Barrow pupils - including the sound of a passing low-flying jet aircraft.

The Mail, on Monday March 12 in 2001, noted: "Children from Barrow's Greengate Junior School carried out a breathtaking performance of music for a 60-strong audience.

"The Year Five youngsters took part in an impressive project called Loci at the Dock Museum.

"They produced some spectacular artistic and musical work based on the theme of echoes.

"The project began when children read a story called Anna and the Echo Catcher by A. J. Munthe and Elizabeth Falconer.

"The school's art and design co-ordinator Barbara Wright then arranged for the children to go to Cathedral Cavern at Little Langdale to make sound recordings.

"The youngsters also made sketches of the surroundings and later produced music and voices to go on a CD with artists Altar Native.

"The children performed and displayed their work last Tuesday before an audience of parents, artists, musicians and teachers."

Mrs Wright said: "We decided to do the recordings at a cave because of the echo.

"We made recordings inside the cave and RAF Tornados flew overhead while we were in the cave so we had a recording of that.

"We have had some really good feedback from everyone who came to the Dock Museum."