MANY group events were held in 2000 to mark the Millennium but few could match the ambition of one held in South Cumbria which kept more than 1,000 youngsters entertained for a whole weekend.

Scouting camps and other events have been held at the Great Tower site, overlooking the lake at Windermere, for decades but never on this scale.

Groups of children from Barrow, Dalton, Millom, Cartmel and Grange were among those taking part in a wide series of fun events in the great outdoors.

The Mail, on Thursday, June 1 in 2000, noted: “Boys from all over Cumbria got together in Windermere at the weekend for a massive Scouts Jamboree.

“More than 1,400 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts gathered at Great Tower in Windermere for a Millennium Camp.

“During the weekend, from Friday evening to Monday afternoon, they followed the theme of travelling through time.”

Grange Scout leader Michael Fieldhouse said: "Everyone was included and we were there to celebrate 2,000 years since the birth of Christ.

“It was quite a moving event.

"They were organised to represent different time zones from prehistoric to the Greek Gods, the Roman Empire, the Wild West, the Viking zone and space zone.The county commissioner was also there and there was a prize-giving ceremony with the headquarters chairman.

"We also held a talent contest on Sunday evening where the Scouts could demonstrate music, singing, dancing or acting."

The article noted: “Around the country an estimated 30,000 Scouts were taking part in linked events in the largest single co-ordinated event in Scouting history.

"At 8pm on Saturday all the camps taking part nationwide took part in a Celebration of Light."