SKIPPING proved to be a fun way to get fit and an excellent way to raise funds for a good cause for youngsters on Walney.

A sponsored skip by pupils at Vickerstown Junior School, Walney, in June1995 raised £1,275 for the Furness support group of the British Heart Foundation.

Youngsters and teachers set up the event as part of the heart charity’s Jump Rope for Heart Week.

And the Mail, on May 24, in 1996, noted that dozens of children from Vickerstown had joined together for fun skipping sessions in the school grounds.

The article noted: “The school runs its own skipping club to keep the old playground tradition alive and the young pupils showed off their  skills at the annual gala.

“The after-school club has 30 members, all girls. They meet once a week to take part in complicated routines set to music and perfect their timing.

“The club is run by deputy head Penny Henderson.”

She said: “We looked around and thought it was a shame there was nobody skipping in the playground so we thought it was the right time to revive it.”

In March 1994 the Vickerstown school was visited by David Horner and pupils were given an introduction to the world of poetry.

Pupils each added a line to a giant poem based on things they did in the playground. It was decorated with pictures and displayed on a classroom wall.

The Mail, on June 12 in 1996, recorded the farewell presentation to dinner lady Jessie Dacre, of Leopard Street, who was retiring after 25 years.

Mrs Dacre said: “I’m going to miss the kids and the school. It’s such a happy place and always bright.”

In September 1997 the Barrow and Furness MP John Hutton was a special visitor at Vickerstown to open the school’s new £15,000 library.

Head teacher Meg Gleave said: “Whole classes can come in at the same time and the room will also be used for music lessons.”