A SPECIAL music and movement class held back in 1992proved that it is never too early to enjoy some dance moves.

The Mail, on June 30 , noted: "With dummy firmly in place and trousers neatly rolled up, one little tot was getting down to some fancy footwork.

"At Pippa Rothwell's Baby Dance class you're never too young to bop to the beat.

"Nappies are no drawback when you're slithering like a snake, or pretending to be a giant."

These popular 45-minute classes were the newest attraction at Forum 28 in Duke Street, Barrow.

The article noted: "Baby Dance gives mums and dads a chance to have fun with their little ones and get a bit fitter by dancing.

"Parents, grandparents or minders can bring along their toddlers and bop the afternoon away."

Pippa said: "The idea of the class is to give anyone, whatever their age, a taste of music and drama.

"It is very informal but it gives mums and dads and children a chance to enjoy themselves through dance.

"I have a passion for dance and dancing and music makes me feel very happy.

"It's also good for self-awareness and confidence."

She also visited schools in the north of the county to teach musical movement to junior school children.

Pippa said: "I really enjoy working with the children because they have no inhibitions and no pre-conceptions of musical dance.

"They just thoroughly enjoy it."

The dance teacher had studied ballet for five years, went to drama and dance school in London and had been a professional dancer for six years.

The article noted: "She definitely has a talent for handling the youngsters.

"Even the smallest babies, some still in nappies,were thrilled to follow her instructions, laughing and giggling all the time.

"She tries to get to know each child by name because she believes the emphasis is on personal contact."

Pippa said: "I try to teach them to work together and enjoy being with each other.

"And there isn't a more enjoyable way than through dance.

"I usually plan a class before I arrive but working with such young children you sometimes have to improvise on the day.

"I try not to be too dominant in the group because I think other people's ideas are as valid as my own.

"And other people have so much to offer.

"Sometimes the ways mums might interpret being a chicken is not the same as a dad would do it!

"The class is as much fun for parents as the children. They usually end up in fits of giggles too."