YOU needed a head for heights to join the brave bungee jumpers at Ulverston’s Ford Park back in 2000.

The view was superb across Ulverston’s streets and along the canal towards Glaxo.

However, you had to climb 175ft to see it – and the only way down was to leap from a platform towards the ground.

The event was to raise cash for Spirit of Youth to build a youth centre in Ulverston.

The Mail, on July 12, noted that 70 people made bungee jumps and raised around £1,500.

Spirit of Youth secretary Maryvonne Dixon said: “It went brilliantly. A few people came back for a second jump.”

The group planned to rent space at Bolton Place and had made an unsuccessful £500,000 National Lottery bid to convert a former Cavendish Street store into a youth base.