WE are taking a nostalgic look at Barrow Friars Hotel which was demolished to make way for housing.

The hotel was built for Catteralls and Swarbrick on Friars Lane and was opened in 1957.

Planning permission had earlier been applied for by brewers Ind Coope and Allsopps at the end of the Second World War as the town started building new estates of homes to replace those lost to bombing raids on the town centre.

The site was cleared around 2012 – despite £250,000 going on a 2006 refurbishment. by owners Punch Taverns.

A 15-strong crew of contractors from Manchester had taken five weeks.

Everything was on one level and there was a carpeted carvery and a new dance floor.

The licensee of the new-look hotel was Tony Chapman and his bar manager was sister Debra.