Lakes musician celebrates Cumbria's diversity in new video

17 October 2017 11:55AM

A CUMBRIAN singer-songwriter has released a music video featuring Lakes visitors from around the world and people who have moved from overseas.

Adrian Ventura's song Diaspora is about his own Zimbabwean heritage and the diverse population here in Cumbria - which he has reflected in the video.

"The song is about bringing ‘home' with you wherever you go; always remembering your roots, but being happy where you are," says the Lakes-based solo artist.

"It’s a message which is important to me, as someone who moved to the area from Zimbabwe. I really wanted to show that we have an incredibly diverse population here in Cumbria, people who are proud of their home countries but chose to live here for its beauty and its people.

"I’ve been working on getting this video out for a while now - I put out a video on Facebook requesting people submit videos of themselves with their home nation’s flag.

"Most were people that I know, but some were just keen to be involved.

"We shot the part with me playing on a rainy day in Bowness - we really wanted that part to be simple and honest - and we filmed the last scene with my flag up on Gummer's How to show the wonderful landscape we’re luck enough to share."

Adrian released his debut EP earlier this year, with Diaspora being the title track.

Though the songs on the release mix up pop and electronic sounds, this single is closer to his typical stripped-back acoustic sound.

Adrian continues: "Since the EP was released I’ve been doing live shows at venues around the county and working with other artists on their recordings, such as Katherine Lupino and Harry Stephenson. I’ve also been doing regular live shows on Facebook and Instagram.

"Feedback for the EP has been really good, really positive. I’ve had responses from all over the world, even a video sent to me by people in South Africa of them driving with the songs blasting in the car!

"It’s hard for an individual artist to market enough for a big return on sales, but the positivity that’s come my way has made up for that."

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