Green Door members team up for joint exhibition

17 August 2017 12:34PM

A JOINT exhibition which has opened at Low Sizergh Barn, near Kendal, showcases the work of Green Door members Mike Barlow and Joyce Eldred.

Both Cumbrian-based artists have their latest work on display in the showcase, which will run until Thursday September 14.

For many years, Mike has made work from found material, initially beachcombing the Lune estuary and the west coast of Scotland.

He says: “My main concern has always been with the overall design: the elements of colour, balance, and texture.

“However, in the course of working, a meaning, be it narrative or symbolic, often emerges. But I prefer the viewer to make their own interpretations; my pre-occupation being to work with what a piece suggests as I go along – being led by the nose as it were – up to that point where the thing feels finished.”

Joyce Eldred has been living, working and teaching art in Cumbria for the past 25 years, and the area inspired her to take up painting again.

“I paint various subject matter including landscapes and for this exhibition the theme is flowers," she says.

“I am always looking at new ways of representing subjects, experimenting with different mediums and techniques. I’ve recently explored abstract interpretations and developed my way of seeing.”

Green Door administrator Janice Benson adds: "This exhibition brings together contrasting work from two very different artists - Mike’s work incorporates some fascinating textures and colours, which complement the beauty of Joyce’s flower paintings. Overall, the effect is surprisingly harmonious yet intriguing.”

The work is free to view during Low Sizergh Barn's regular opening hours.

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