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Monday, 25 May 2015

Walney 5.1k Family Fun Run - final positions, slideshow and video

1 Andy Young Fun Runner 20mins 16secs, 2 Lee Procter Fun Runner 21mins 5secs, 3 Mikkel Ask Buur BæKgaard Fast and Furious Windfarm Danes 21mins 30secs, 4 Rebecca Rennie Fun Runner 22mins 2secs, 5 Nikolaj Qvade Rasmusen Fun Runner 22mins 15secs, 6 Lars Alber Walney Elite 22mins 17secs, 7 Ali Straker Barrow Air Cadets 22mins 19secs, 8 Tony Erik BergøE Windfarm Beauty Queens 22mins 43secs, 9 Steven Whalley Fun Runner 22mins 50secs, 10 Kyle Footman Fun Runner 22mins 58secs, 11 Kristian Pallesen Windfarm Beauty Queens 22mins 59secs, 12 Alison Miller Fun Runner 23mins 4secs, 13 Henrik Eibye Windfarm Beauty Queens 23mins 5secs, 14 Ian Leeming Walney Dynamites 23mins 10secs, 15 Dave Cherry Team Walney 2 23mins 23secs, 16 Lydia Waites Fun Runner 23mins 26secs, 17 Mette Alber Walney Elite 23mins 35secs, 18 John Woodcock Forced Labour 23mins 44secs, 19 Jack Etchells Fun Runner 23mins 54secs, 20 Glen Chalmers Fun Runner 23mins 57secs, 21 Jan Hansen Fast and Furious Windfarm Danes 24mins 1secs, 22 Jason Hughes Walney Elite 24mins 7secs, 23 George Parker Fun Runner 24mins 26secs, 24 Nicole Jones Fun Runner 24mins 26secs, 25 Karl Steel Fun Runner 24mins 31secs, 26 Mike Otto Fun Runner 24mins 42secs, 27 Eva Alber Walney Elite 24mins 48secs, 28 Gareth Jones Fun Runner 24mins 57secs, 29 Stuart Wallace Fun Runner 25mins 14secs, 30 Chris Brown Team Walney 1 25mins 15secs, 31 Ryan Ellis Fun Runner 25mins 22secs, 32 Colin Sharpe Fun Runner 25mins 28secs, 33 Katy Griffiths Fun Runner 25mins 32secs, 34 Gary White Team Walney 2 25mins 37secs, 35 David Griffiths Fun Runner 25mins 39secs, 36 Ceri-Lee Thomas Fun Runner 25mins 54secs, 37 Graham Beddoes Fun Runner 25mins 57secs, 38 Joshua McEwan Doubletree Financial Services Ltd 25mins 58secs, 39 Lee Crawford Fun Runner 26mins 00secs, 40 Nigel Simpson Fun Runner 26mins 1secs, 41 Helen Atkinson Fun Runner 26mins 19secs, 42 Jennifer Beddoes Fun Runner 26mins 22secs, 43 Fraser Robertson Fun Runner 26mins 31secs, 44 Danny Blanc Fun Runner 26mins 34secs, 45 Nathan Slater Fun Runner 26mins 42secs, 46 Alan Smith Fun Runner 26mins 46secs, 47 David Leadbetter Fun Runner 26mins 48secs, 48 Philip Davies Fast and Furious Windfarm Danes 26mins 55secs, 49 Phil Cooper Fun Runner 26mins 57secs, 50 Jordan Brooks Fun Runner 27mins 2secs, 51 Steen Brok-Lauridsen Team Walney 1 27mins 10secs, 52 John Taylor Fun Runner 27mins 13secs, 53 Jonty Dacre Fun Runner 27mins 16secs, 54 Craig Kirkpatrick Mail Advertising Demons 27mins 16secs, 55 Graham Dacre Fun Runner 27mins 19secs, 56 Christine Adams Fun Runner 27mins 21secs, 57 Leanne Jackson Fun Runner 27mins 25secs, 58 Dave Goodwin Fun Runner 27mins 27secs, 59 Chris Taylor Fun Runner 27mins 34secs, 60 Lauren Myers Fun Runner 27mins 43secs, 61 Jo Scowcroft Fun Runner 27mins 48secs, 62 Alec Proffitt Fun Runner 27mins 49secs, 63 Kim Lund Sorensen Team Walney 2 27mins 51secs, 64 Sam Dunn Team Walney 1 27mins 54secs, 65 Jens Nybo Jensen Fun Runner 28mins 5secs, 66 Claire Newby Fun Runner 28mins 7secs, 67 Jim Gardiner Walney Elite 28mins 15secs, 68 Kevin Wraite Fun Runner 28mins 23secs, 69 Steven Hartle Fun Runner 28mins 35secs, 70 Lisa Day Walney Dynamites 28mins 36secs, 71 Rui Guerra Mail Advertising Demons 28mins 41secs, 72 Janice Callister Forced Labour 29mins 04secs, 73 James Atkinson Fun Runner 29mins 4secs, 74 Nicola Vogler Fun Runner 29mins 7secs, 75 Raymond Ives Fun Runner 29mins 10secs, 76 Mark Farnworth Fun Runner 29mins 21secs, 77 David Fletcher Doubletree Financial Services Ltd 29mins 25secs, 78 Michelle Heald Fun Runner 29mins 27secs, 79 Karen Whittle Fun Runner 29mins 31secs, 80 Catherine Saunders Fun Runner 29mins 34secs, 81 Suzanne Caveney Fun Runner 29mins 34secs, 82 Gail ONeill Fun Runner 29mins 36secs, 83 Tim Chadbourne Fun Runner 29mins 39secs, 84 Meg Farnworth Fun Runner 29mins 41secs, 85 Ben Mullen Walney Ramblers 29mins 46secs, 86 Graham Carr Fun Runner 29mins 47secs, 87 Allan Juul Andersen Windfarm Beauty Queens 29mins 47secs, 88 Deklan Devlin Fun Runner 29mins 47secs, 89 Alison Griffiths Fun Runner 29mins 48secs, 90 Mark Semple Forced Labour 29mins 50secs, 91 Michael Bunter Fun Runner 29mins 52secs, 92 Sophie Clarke Fun Runner 30mins, 93 Gordon Pedersen Fast and Furious Windfarm Danes 30mins 12secs, 94 Sarah Leeming Walney Dynamites 30mins 15secs, 95 Gillian Thompson Fun Runner 30mins 22secs, 96 Bob Pointer Forced Labour 30mins 26secs, 97 Heidi Kahler Leisner Fast and Furious Windfarm Danes 30mins 28secs, 98 Jeremy Mark Fun Runner 30mins 31secs, 99 Allison McEwan Doubletree Financial Services Ltd 30mins 34secs, 100 Jo Davies Fun Runner 30mins 38secs, 101 Matt Davies Fun Runner 30mins 39secs, 102 Thomas Irving Fun Runner 30mins 41secs, 103 Lewis Petcher Fun Runner 30mins 46secs, 104 Andrew Petcher Fun Runner 30mins 46secs, 105 Madeline Creighton Doubletree Financial Services Ltd 30mins 48secs, 106 Bill Myers Fun Runner 30mins 51secs, 107 Jan Weatherburn Fun Runner 30mins 56secs, 108 Leon OBrian Team Walney 1 31mins 03secs, 109 Caitlin Wren Fun Runner 31mins 04secs, 110 Danielle Beddoes Fun Runner 31mins 9secs, 111 Darrel Rush Fun Runner 31mins 10secs, 112 Helen France Fun Runner 31mins 13secs, 113 Theo Newby Fun Runner 31mins 14secs, 114 Geoff Taylor Fun Runner 31mins 15secs, 115 Frank Cassidy Forced Labour 31mins 19secs, 116 Emma Athersmith Fun Runner 31mins 19secs, 117 Alexander Beddoes Fun Runner 31mins 39secs, 118 Michael Cook Fun Runner 31mins 40secs, 119 Darren Rigg Walney Inbetweeners 31mins 46secs, 120 Robert Nixon Fun Runner 31mins 46secs, 121 Steve Coates Walney Inbetweeners 31mins 47secs, 122 Ashley Halliday Fun Runner 31mins 47secs, 123 Amy Laird Fun Runner 32mins 3secs, 124 Colin Magee Doubletree Financial Services Ltd 32mins 13secs, 125 Joanne Rose Doubletree Financial Services Ltd 32mins 14secs, 126 Scott Reynolds Barrow Air Cadets 32mins 21secs, 127 Karen Crawford Fun Runner 32mins 21secs, 128 Stacey White Fun Runner 32mins 26secs, 129 Kit Taylor Fun Runner 32mins 27secs, 130 Rosalind Leadbetter Fun Runner 32mins 43secs, 131 Mark Carter Fun Runner 32mins 43secs, 132 Kirsty Francis Fun Runner 32mins 44secs, 133 Megan Carter Fun Runner 32mins 44secs, 134 Zoe Taylor Fun Runner 32mins 45secs, 135 Jens Hansen Windfarm Beauty Queens 32mins 50secs, 136 Marie Morris Fun Runner 33mins 08secs, 137 Pam Goodwin Fun Runner 33mins 24secs, 138 Michael Bell Fun Runner 33mins 27secs, 139 Debra Carter Fun Runner 33mins 40secs, 140 Tracy Johnson Fun Runner 33mins 52secs, 141 Fiona Gilmour Fun Runner 33mins 57secs, 142 Roy Sharpe Fun Runner 33mins 58secs, 143 Helen Taylor Fun Runner 34mins 4secs, 144 Neil Charnley NC Meats 34mins 05secs, 145 John Seeds NC Meats 34mins 14secs, 146 Elizabeth Sadler Fun Runner 34mins 20secs, 147 Ruth Smith Fun Runner 34mins 27secs, 148 Jacqui Armstrong Fun Runner 34mins 38secs, 149 Aidan Lear Fun Runner 34mins 38secs, 150 Neil Armstrong Fun Runner 34mins 39secs, 151 Christine Lloyd Fun Runner 34mins 45secs, 152 Dean Kelly Fun Runner 34mins 53secs, 153 Calum Sparkes Barrow Air Cadets 35mins 13secs, 154 Paul Steer Mail Advertising Demons 35mins 14secs, 155 Bethany Day Walney Dynamites 35mins 15secs, 156 Catherine Little Mail Advertising Demons 35mins 16secs, 157 Dan Scanlon Walney Elite 35mins 21secs, 158 Sandra Jackson Walney Inbetweeners 35mins 33secs, 159 Charlotte Barnes Walney Inbetweeners 35mins 35secs, 160 Natalie Husband Fun Runner 35mins 44secs, 161 Hannah Faragher Fun Runner 35mins 45secs, 162 Libby Morrison Fun Runner 35mins 46secs, 163 Andrew Thompson The Fun Runners 35mins 47secs, 164 David Armstrong Fun Runner 35mins 48secs, 165 Paul Reid Fun Runner 35mins 52secs, 166 Camilla Herbst Windfarm Beauty Queens 36mins 3secs, 167 David Farish Fun Runner 36mins 14secs, 168 Alammaprabhu Patil Fun Runner 36mins 18secs, 169 Susan Perry Fun Runner 36mins 20secs, 170 Rebecca Taylor Fun Runner 36mins 23secs, 171 Aaron Taylor Barrow Air Cadets 36mins 29secs, 172 Robert Eccles Walney Walkers 36mins 36secs, 173 Theresa Kettlewell Fun Runner 37mins 5secs, 174 Dan Christensen Fun Runner 37mins 27secs, 175 Cheryl Taylor Fun Runner 37mins 42secs, 176 Simon Irving Fun Runner 37mins 53secs, 177 Alison Wells NC Meats 38mins 3secs, 178 Liam Day Walney Dynamites 38mins 7secs, 179 Matthew Bell Fun Runner 38mins 8secs, 180 Val Fleming Fun Runner 38mins 14secs, 181 Neil Martin Team Walney 2 38mins 19secs, 182 Karen Bell Fun Runner 38mins 27secs, 183 Neil Johnson Fun Runner 38mins 28secs, 184 Carole Cubin Walney Walkers 38mins 32secs, 185 Wayne Jeffrey Walney Ramblers 38mins 36secs, 186 Gary Ullock Walney Dynamites 38mins 37secs, 187 Mollie Jeffrey Walney Ramblers 38mins 41secs, 188 Emma Perry Fun Runner 38mins 46secs, 189 Lesley Stretton Fun Runner 38mins 51secs, 190 Dave Huitson NC Meats 38mins 54secs, 191 Les Mcleese NC Meats 38mins 55secs, 192 Courtney Taylor Barrow Air Cadets 38mins 59secs, 193 Chloe Straker Barrow Air Cadets 38mins 59secs, 194 Sam Higgins Fun Runner 39mins 8secs, 195 Courtney Rush Fun Runner 39mins 11secs, 196 James Higgins Fun Runner 39mins 14secs, 197 Yvonne Forrester Fun Runner 39mins 18secs, 198 Linsey Price Fun Runner 39mins 19secs, 199 Alastair Ives Fun Runner 39mins 20secs, 200 Millie Price Fun Runner 39mins 20secs, 201 Anita Holmes Mail Advertising Demons 39mins 31secs, 202 Marjorie Barker Mail Advertising Demons 39mins 38secs, 203 Kaia Simpson Fun Runner 40mins 11secs, 204 Steve Mullen Walney Ramblers 40mins 15secs, 205 Beverley Hammond Fun Runner 40mins 19secs, 206 Toyah Newman Fun Runner 40mins 48secs, 207 Anita Husband Fun Runner 40mins 51secs, 208 Hayley Preston Forced Labour 41mins 37secs, 209 Julia Sharpe Fun Runner 41mins 38secs, 210 Hannah Williams The Fun Runners 41mins 39secs, 211 Michael Helm The Fun Runners 41mins 39secs, 212 Maureen Gill Fun Runner 42mins, 213 Gordon Gibson Fun Runner 42mins 3secs, 214 Vinni Jeppesen Fun Runner 42mins 8secs, 215 Steve Brennan Fun Runner 42mins 20secs, 216 Niamh Brennan Fun Runner 42mins 22secs, 217 Nicola Park Walney Walkers 42mins 51secs, 218 Donna Cockburn Fun Runner 42mins 56secs, 219 Hannah Cook Fun Runner 43mins 02secs, 220 Louise Cook Fun Runner 43mins 9secs, 221 Kayliegh Forrester Fun Runner 43mins 48secs, 222 Georgia Stretton Fun Runner 45mins 28secs, 223 Frank Stretton Fun Runner 45mins 28secs, 224 Anna McKinnell Fun Runner 45mins 32secs, 225 Helen Houston Fun Runner 45mins 33secs, 226 Lakshmi Patil Fun Runner 45mins 35secs, 227 Stephen McKinnell Fun Runner 45mins 48secs, 228 Emily McKinnell Fun Runner 45mins 48secs, 229 Hatie Lee Fun Runner 45mins 58secs, 230 Jonathan Lee Fun Runner 46mins 01secs, 231 Ed Atkins Fun Runner 46mins 01secs, 232 Robert Rogers Fun Runner 47mins 08secs, 233 Lauren Fleming Fun Runner 49mins 19secs, 234 Nicola Shaw Fun Runner 49mins 31secs, 235 Brogan Steel Fun Runner 50mins 35secs, 236 Martin Steel Fun Runner 50mins 37secs, 237 Sarah Steel Fun Runner 50mins 38secs, 238 Ray Botham Fun Runner 51mins 29secs, 239 Kaylieigh Lear Fun Runner 51mins 48secs, 240 Donna ONeill Fun Runner 51mins 49secs, 241 Mathew Newton The Fun Runners 52mins 22secs, 242 Marian Murphy Fun Runner 52mins 24secs, 243 Jean Murphy Fun Runner 52mins 25secs, 244 Rebecca Frank The Fun Runners 52mins 43secs, 245 Natasha Murray The Fun Runners 52mins 46secs, 246 Rebekka Shaw Fun Runner 52mins 51secs, 247 Stephanie Forrester Fun Runner 53mins 45secs, 248 Pamela Edwards Fun Runner 54mins 43secs, 249 Mary-Rose Rogers Fun Runner 56mins 25secs, 250 Sonja Foster Fun Runner 56mins 39secs, 251 Kurt Gilmour Walney Walkers 56mins 44secs, 252 Mike Evans Walney Inbetweeners 56mins 50secs, 253 Laura Parkes Team Walney 2 57mins 21secs, 254 Rachael Gardiner Walney Walkers 57mins 23secs, 255 Christine Parkes Team Walney 2 57mins 24secs, 256 Jane Askew Walney Ramblers 57mins 47secs, 257 Lorna Tosh Team Walney 1 57mins 48secs, 258 Janet Gilmour Walney Walkers 57mins 50secs, 259 Ruth Coward Fun Runner 1hr 52secs, 260 Joanne Robinson Fun Runner 1hr 1mins 26secs, 261 Ali Baxter Fun Runner 1hr 1min 39secs, 262 Willy Two Horns Fun Runner 1hr 26mins 38secs.

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