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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Thousands flock to celebrate showcase of Lakes traditions in Torver

TRADITIONAL skills, a fiercely contested tug of war tournament and an appearance from a famous actor were just some of the attractions at a celebration of the Lake District’s heritage.
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Organisers estimate between 3,000 and 3,500 visitors flooded through the gates at the Lakeland Country Fair at Torver on Sunday.

Among them was film and TV star Warwick Davis, who was filming for an ITV programme on holidaying in the UK and enjoyed the quintessentially Cumbrian occasion with his family.

Visitors were treated to a flavour of rural life thanks to a variety of demonstrations showcasing Lakeland crafts, while the crowds gathered at the main ring to see Kent Estuary Young Farmers defeat their peers from Broughton in the tug of war final.

Meanwhile, the fell race was won by defending champion Garry Greenhow, of Ambleside.

Despite a dreadfully damp Saturday and showers on Sunday morning, the show went ahead as planned and left visitors, travelling from as far away as London, more than satisfied with their day out.

Show secretary Alison Bolt, of Leece, said: “We were absolutely determined to go ahead because we cancelled last year and we really can’t afford to cancel twice running. It’s a massive expense.

“ I was talking to one of the blokes on the gates and the comments from visitors were overwhelmingly positive.

“A lot of them were people from away who stayed in the area to go to the show and then were driving home on Sunday night to the south. We get a lot of locals as well, which was really nice.

“We had very good entries in all the dog shows – the terriers, lurchers, beagles, foxhounds and the pet dogs.

“If anything, I think there’s an increasing interest in shows like these. They’re good meeting places for local people and the main purpose is to be a traditional show.”


Class 2 Lady’s Walking Stick: 1 M Earl, 2 J Williamson, 3 B Cannan.

Class 3 Thumbstick: 1 M Earl, 2 J Williamson, 3 B Cannan.

Class 4 Horn Crook: 1 B Cannan, 2 B Cannan, 3 S Whitwell.

Class 5 Ornamental Horn: 1 B Cannan, 2 B Cannan, 3 B Cannan.

Class 6 Wood Walking Stick: 1 J Williamson, 2 J Williamson, 3 B Cannan.

Class 7 Wood Crook: 1 S Whitwell, 2 J Williamson, 3 B Cannan.

Class 8 Horn Walking Stick: 1 J Williamson, 2 B Cannan, 3 J Williamson.

Class 9 Ornamental Wood: 1 B Cannan, 2 B Cannan, 3 M Earl.

Champion Stick (for NLF Trophy): J Williamson.


Class 1 Lakeland/Fell Type Pup: 1 L Jackson (Rip), 2 T Eccles (Taz), 3 T Green (Sparky), 4 S & T Robertson (Maisie).

Class 2 Border Pup: 1 R Golding (Fell), 2 J Fawcett (Millie).

Class 3 Jack Russell Pup: 1 C Nolan (Tam), 2 S Darroch (James), 3 C Nolan (Twist), 4 Ann Wilson (Millie).

Class 4 Lakeland Dog: 1 S & T Robertson (Rob), 2 J Norman (Tarzan), 3 J Norman (Ted).

Class 5 Lakeland Bitch: 1 G & J Norman (Tess), 2 S & T Robertson (Connie), 3 G & J Norman (Tanner).

Class 6 Crossbred Dog: 1 T Metcalfe (Mick), 2 S & T Robertson (Mac).

Class 7 Crossbred Bitch: 1 T Shepherd (Sue), 2 T Metcalfe (Rose), 3 K Lockwood (Cassie), 4 S & T Robertson (Blossom).

Class 8 Border Dog: 1 S Golding (Red), 2 S Clayton (Bertie), 3 L Jackson (Kep), 4 L Jackson (Red).

Class 9 Border Bitch: 1 S Golding (Storm), 2 J Fawcett (Jess), 3 L Jackson (Jesse), 4 M Irvine (Jem).

Class 10 Jack Russell Dog: 1 J Metcalfe (Toby), 2 W Longman (Tarr), 3 B Watts (Bobby), 4 J Bell (Kelt).

Class 11 Jack Russell Bitch: 1 S Bland (Spud), 2 B Watts (Trim), 3 J Bell (Patch).

Class 13 Any other Variety Bitch: 1 P Irvine (Cassie).

Class 15 Best Pair: 1 G & J Norman (Ted & Tess), 2 J Bell (Patch & Kelt), 3 T Green (Sparky & Jess), 4 D Troughton (Mitch & Bella).

Class 16 Veteran: 1 T O'Malley (Bud), 2 S Robertson (Molly), 3 not recorded, 4 C Jones (Fern).

Champion Terrier (for Championship Trophy and Qualifier for Cumbria Terrier Championship, FWTC championship and "Cock of the North" Championship): T Metcalfe (Mick).

Reserve Champion (for Reserve Trophy): T Robertson (Rob).

Champion Pup (for Dewhurst Trophy): G Norman (Tam).

Best Lakeland Terrier (for J Seward Trophy): T Robertson (Rob).


Class 1 Rough Pup: 1 Taylor (Reebus), 2 A Holton (Blue), 3 J Capstick (Coops), 4 C Barr (Lana).

Class 2 Smooth Pup: 1 E Keith (Jake), 2 T Cooper (Wiggins), 3 J Shepherd (Nell), 4 J Parton (Alfie).

Champion Pup (for Tilston Trophy): Ian Taylor (Reebus).

Class 3 Rough Dog 24ins and under: 1 M Winskill (Tavern), 2 K Birch (Zeb), 3 J Shaw (Turnip).

Rough Bitch 24ins and under: 1 J Crellin (Gypsy), 2 D Parton (Cassie).

Class 5 Smooth Dog 24ins and under: 1 G Todhunter (Fido), 2 Andrew (Rusty), 3 Hutchinson (Mick), 4 Richardson (Ringo).

Class 6 Smooth Bitch 24ins and under: 1 Andrew (Magic), 2 I Thompson (Jet).

Class 7 Rough Dog over 24ins: 1 Matt (Vaughan).

Class 8 Rough Bitch over 24ins: 1 Louise (Ronnie).

Classes 9 Smooth Dog over 24ins: 1 J Hoggarth (Finn).

Class 10 Smooth Bitch over 24ins: 1 Hartley (Skye), 2 N Wilson (Issy), 3 Louise (Jess), 4 J Millet (Rayner).

Class 11 Veteran: 1 P Donachy (Bella), 2 J Crellin (Tess), 3 T Cooper (Ozzy), 4 Georgia (Ziggy).

Class 12 Pairs: 1 P Donachy (Rocky & Hopper)

Class 13a Whippet Pup: 1 M Short (Zak), 2 T Williams (Sox).

Class 13b Whippet Dog: 1 Stuart (Lynford).

Champion Lurcher (for Championship Trophy and Qualifier for "Cock of the North" Championship and Cumbria Lurcher Championship): Jess (Magic).

Reserve Champion (for Reserve Trophy): J Hoggarth (Finn).

Champion Whippet (for Dimple Trophy): S Roberts (Lynford).


Class 1 Best Walked: 1 Ullswater Grappler, 2 Melbreak Peddler, 3 Melbreak Searcher.

Class 2 Couples: 1 Ullswater, 2 Eskdale & Ennerdale, 3 Eskdale & Ennerdale.

Class 3 Group of 4 Hounds (for J Johnston Trophy): 1 Ullswater, 2 Eskdale & Ennerdale, 3 North Lonsdale.

Class 4 Unentered Dog: 1 Ullswater Fiddler, 2 Ullswater Farrier, 3 Coniston Ranger, 4 North Lonsdale Briton.

Class 5 Entered Dog: 1 Ullswater Ranter, 2 Coniston Trueman, 3 Melbreak Searcher, 4 Melbreak Peddler.

Class 6 Unentered Bitch: 1 Ullswater Fidget, 2 Ullswater Bounty, 3 Ullswater Barmaid, 4 Coniston Rapid.

Class 7 Entered Bitch: 1 Ullswater Sapphire, 2 North Lonsdale Ruby, 3 Melbreak Diamond, 4 North Lonsdale Nosey.

Champion Foxhound (for May Armstrong Memorial Trophy): Ullswater Sapphire.

Reserve Champion (for W S Hudson Trophy): Ullswater Ranter (walked by H Hodgson).

Best Group of Hounds (for J Johnston Trophy): Ullswater Fidget/Fiddler/Goblin/Ranter.


Class 2 Couple: 1 Bleasdale Watchman/Waterman, 2 Fighting/Fashion, 3 Black Combe Pointer/Pollock, 4 Black Combe Vivid/Vanish.

Class 3 Group of 4 Hounds (for M & T Carter Trophy): 1 Black Combe Fashion/Wayfarer/Cardinal/Flint.

Class 4 Unentered Dog: 1 Bleasdale Wildboy, 2 Foreman, 3 Bleasdale Playboy,

Class 5 Entered Dog: 1 Black Combe Flint, 2 Bleasdale Mole, 3 Black Combe Valiant.

Class 6 Unentered Bitch: 1 Black Combe Fortune, 2 Redstart, 3 Bleasdale Flinty.

Class 7 Entered Bitch: 1 Black Combe Farcical, 2 Black Combe Loyal, 3 Black Combe Welfare.

Champion Beagle (for J Walker Memorial Trophy): Bleasdale Beagles Wildboy.

Reserve Champion (for Torver Trophy): Black Combe Beagles Flint.


Class 1 Working Sheepdog: 1 T Inman (Tyke).

Class 2 Working Sheepdog Bitch: 1 P Dixon (Gill), 2 P Dixon (Ruby).

Champion Working Sheepdog (for Barclays Bank Trophy): T Inman (Tyke).


Class 2 Polecat Hob: 1 Trish (Nova), 2 Trish (Romeo).

Class 3 Polecat Jill: 1 Vicky Lane (Porridge), 2 Trish (Poppy).

Class 4 Albino Hob: 1 Sally Barraclough (Enzo), 2 Sally Barraclough (Snoot).

Class 5 Albino Jill: 1 Laura (Star), 2 S Barraclough (Koala).

Class 6 Sandy Hob: 1 Trish (Pebbles), 2 Trish (Sky).

Class 12 Pairs: 1 Trish (Sky/Pebbles), 2 S Barraclough (Enzo/Snoot).

Champion Ferret (for Championship Trophy): Sally Barraclough (Enzo).


Best Costume: 1 Ben Brocklebank, 2 Hannah Hodgson, 3 Olivia Wilson.

Ladies Open: 1 Megan Gibson, 2 Eilih Millen, 3 Leah Albion.

Under 12 years: 1 Harold Wilson, 2 Mark Warton, 3 Gregor Miller.

Under 15 years: 1 George, 2 Joe, 3 Jamie Wilson.

Under 18 years: 1 James Hayhurst, 2 Sam Wilson, 3 George Wilson.

11 1/2 Stone: 1 Ben Brocklebank, 2 John Harrington, 3 Thomas Gibson.

13 Stone: 1 James Hayhurst, 2 Ben Brocklebank, 3 John Harrington,

All Weights: 1 Graham Brocklebank, 2 Sam Wilkinson, 3 William Hayhurst.

Winner of Nat West Bank Shield: Graham Brocklebank.

TUG-OF-WAR (for the Crook Barn Trophy)

Winners: Kent Estuary Young Farmers.

Runners-up: Broughton Young Farmers.


Class 1 (16 & under): 1 Billy Capstick (Kendal), 2 Charlotte Mallett (Low Wray), 3 Alexander Tillotson (Bucks).

Class 2 (Ladies): 1 Jackie Cartwright (Bolton), 2 Catherine Tillotson (Bucks), 3 Mel Tyson (Greenodd).

Class 3 (Men): 1 G Todhunter (Gosforth), 2 Tim Wright (Sheffield).


1 Garry Greenhow (Ambleside) 56.28, 2 Gary Thorpe (Ambleside) 1.01.14, 3 Mike Robinson (Dark Peak) 1.01.24, 4 Darren Fishwick (Chorley A C) 1.02.41, 5 Paul Reilly (Coniston FR) 1.04.56, 6 Stuart Dickson (Amble side) 1.05.08, 7 Neil Hardman (Clayton H) 1.05.50, 8 Michael Keedy (Skipton) 1.06.40, 9 Kieran Davies (Erewash Valley) 1.06.41, 10 Sam Moon (Helm Hill) 1.07.26.

1st Lady: Jayne Butterworth (Skipton) 1.18.15. 44 ran.


Under 10 Boys: 1 Mason Smith ( Broughton Runners) 7 min 45 sec.

Under 10 Girls: 1 Kirsty Maher ( Lancaster & Morecambe AC) 6m 24sec, 2 Alayna Irvine (Blackburn Harriers) 6min 35sec, 3 Olesia Winder (u/a) 15m 30sec.

Under 12 Boys: 1 Logan Hargreaves-Madhas (Wharfedale Harriers) 11m 07sec, 2 James Mallett (u/a) 12m 02sec, 3 Harvey Cooper (Barrow & Furness Striders) 12m 08sec, 4 Gregor Miller (Broughton Runners) 14m 35sec, 5 Ben Albion ( Broughton Runners) 20m 33sec.

Under 14 Boys: 1 Joe Starling (Mercia Fell Runners) 11m 22sec, 2 Jake Cooper (Barrow & Furness Striders) 11m 29sec, 3 Robert Albion (Broughton Runners) 13m 31sec, 4 Harvey Smith (u/a) 14m 27sec.

Under 14 Girls: 1 Natalya Irvine (Blackburn Harriers) 10m 49sec, 2 Georgia Cooper (Barrow & Furness Striders) 12m 09sec, 3 Eilidh Miller (Broughton Runners) 13m 35sec, 4 Leah Albion (Broughton Runners) 15m 28sec.

Under 16 Boys: 1 Jack Byrne (u/a) 12m 28sec, 2 Billy Starling (Mercia Fell Runners) 13m 02sec, 3 Daniel Miller (Broughton Runners) 16m 24sec.

Under 18 Girls: 1 Sally Handford (Keighley & Craven AC) 15m 48sec.


Balls in the Basket

Pre-school: Amelia; 5-6: Taylor; 7-8: Maisie; 9-11: Max.

Big Hands!

Pre-school: Amelia; 5-6: Taylor; 7-8: Maisie & Archie; 9-11: Isaac.

Obstacle Race

5-6: Ronan; 7-8: Logan; 9-11: Max.

Flat Race

Pre-school: Sofia; 5-6: Ronan; 7-8: Kirstie; 9-11: Jacob.


Cumbria Tourist Board Trophy: 1 North Lonsdale Foxhounds, 2 Owen Jones (Swill Baskets), 3 Bob Cannan (Stickmaking), 4 Sheila McLarnon & Glenys Dodd (Working Horses), 5 Linda Cameron (Weaving), 6 Liz Goyder (Spinning).


Langdale Trophy: 1 Robert Fletcher (artist), 2 RSPB, 3 Susie White (Arthouse), 4 Soldiers Off The Streets, 5 Mr Towers (plants & shrubs), 6 Alex Bradley (photographer).


North Lonsdale Trophy: Lurcher “Magic” owned by Jess.


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