English boxing champion Conroy's team won't be rushed into next fight

Winning team: Left to right, Dave Conroy, Liam Conroy, Johnney Roye and Lee Beard SUBMITTED
Winning team: Left to right, Dave Conroy, Liam Conroy, Johnney Roye and Lee Beard SUBMITTED
13 September 2017 4:39PM

NEWLY-CROWNED English light-heavyweight champion Liam Conroy is in big demand – but insists he will not be rushed into any fights which are not right for him.

The 25-year-old stopped defending champion Joel McIntyre in the second round of their title fight at London’s York Hall on Saturday night.

Victory lifted Conroy into the top five of the UK light-heavyweight rankings and in line for a crack at the British title.

Conroy has now bagged four championship belts under Preston-based trainer Johnney Roye, and the Barrow ABC product is in a rich vein of form with seven successive victories and the English title in the bag. Victory over McIntyre has put him right in the mix for some more high-profile bouts, with Conroy saying: “We got a few offers straight away, but we’ve got to have a conversation about it and see what’s best.

We're not going to be forced into anything - Liam Conroy

“We’re not going to be forced into anything. I’m still the youngest in the top 10, and at the end of the day we are going to take the right fights at the right time.

“I have no reason to doubt Johnney’s plans. He has stepped me up gradually to this point and everything he has has said has happened so far. Whatever Johnney suggests, we will discuss it and go forward from there.”

Conroy said winning a British title was the ambitious goal he set himself when he first turned professional as an 19-year-old back in 2012, telling his dad and cornerman Dave he would deliver it for him.

“When I turned professional I said I want that British title,” he said.

“I don’t think I was convinced I’d ever going to do it. That was just me setting my goals really high and hopefully I’ll get somewhere near like an English title. And now five years down the line, I’ve got an English title and am winning British title eliminators so I’m getting close. I promised my dad didn’t I?”

He added: “I would never thought I would be in this position. It’s unbelievable. Every time I win something I think that I’m over-achieving and that it’s just my dedication making me over-achieve and that I shouldn’t be getting this far every time I win something.

“But Johnney said it’s time to start believing in myself because there’s still a lot more to come, so I definitely should start believing in myself a bit more and believing in my talent.”

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