Opinion: Good to hear Bros again

Memories: Darren Milby
Memories: Darren Milby
21 August 2017 6:17PM

I HAVE vague memories of 1988.

I was at Croftlands School in Ulverston, in Mr Greenwood’s class.

I remember being in the school production, despite not being able to sing or act.

That was the year I shunned school dinners in place of Dairylea sandwiches and Wagon Wheels in my Thomas the Tank lunchbox.

It was also the time that every girl in my class was obsessed with Bros. They had pencil tins with Matt and Luke on.

There was a sticker album with a thriving market for swaps and I’m sure every bedroom wall featured the twins with the enviable cheek bones.

The 1990s arrived and as is so often the case in the pop business, the success was over as quickly as it had arrived.

Fast forward three decades and Bros are back. The family feud between Matt and Luke has been resolved and I managed to chat to Matt Goss on the eve of their huge comeback tour.

Matt said: “Me and my brother have been overwhelmed by the reaction (to our comeback). People keep spotting us in the street sharing their memories of Bros. There seems to be a real buzz too about our upcoming gigs.”

Bros were huge back in the day. That level of fame and success obviously had an effect on them personally and the relationship between the two brothers. All that obsessive attention must have felt surreal.

Matt still looks back and pinches himself about that crazy time.

He said: “It was everything you’d ever want in many ways. Helicopters, jets and absolute mayhem. We had police escorts and thousands of fans all over the world. I remember crossing Japan on the Bullet Train and every single station we stopped at you couldn’t see out of the windows for people everywhere. It was just the strangest feeling.”

Both Matt and Luke have developed successful careers post Bros. Luke went into acting and starred in successful Hollywood blockbusters and Matt is respected as a solo artist. So why return to Bros after all these years?

Matt said: “We’ve established ourselves as men and as professionals. But then when my mum passed away it put everything into perspective. It was like a weight upon the issue. It was like a string that was either going to break or we were going to take the weight off. That weight was the journey of me and my brother becoming friends and brothers again.”

Despite not releasing anything for years the fans, or Brosettes as they are known, are still going strong. Their comeback shows at the 02 in London are sold out and the guys have even recorded a new track together. It sounds so good to hear their voices harmonise again after all these years.

You can listen to my chat with Matt Goss on the Bay’s website.

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