OPINION: I could have nattered with Sarah Millican all day

10 July 2017 3:23PM

WE had a lovely guest on the radio show this week. The hilarious and down to earth TV star and comic Sarah Millican. I wish I could have nattered to Sarah all day, she is so easy to get along with, sadly with all the time pressures of live radio I had someone whinging in my earhole to wrap it up.

The last time Sarah was on the show was just before Christmas. She had just finished this mahoosive tour which had stretched to over 100 dates. And now here she is again just announcing a new year long tour with over one hundred dates. Is she trying to avoid her husband or something?

“Yes divorces are really faffy so I thought let's just get on the road!” She quipped.

The good news is Sarah Millican is coming to Barrow on her extensive UK tour. In fact Barrow is only the second night of the stint, so she will still be really fresh.

I’ve been to comedy shows before, in huge arenas normally reserved for rock stars. I was perched on a seat in the Gods, so high up I nearly developed a nosebleed and altitude sickness, watching a comic on a big screen because watching the figure on stage would have required a fairly decent telescope.

Sarah, despite being one of the most popular comics on the circuit, does not do arenas. She plays venues that have an intimate feel where the atmosphere is charged because you feel like you are

part of the show.

“Arenas suit some people but they are not for me. I don’t move on stage, maybe they work better if you are physical. I just stand with a mic and talk, there is no fanfare. Plus I like theatres. I want it to be a good experience for everybody” she told me.

Sarah’s new tour is called Control Enthusiast. She refuses to use the term ‘freak.’ She explained that in her house she is the one who wears the trousers.

“I’m in charge of everything. Well I like to think so. My husband is in charge of certain things but he likes me to think that I’m in charge of everything.”

I’m completely different to Sarah. I’m the sort of person who actually enjoys not having the power. I tend to find if I follow instructions and generally do as I’m told things tend to run smoothly. Sarah agrees that you need people like me as well as ‘control enthusiasts’ for the world to keep turning.

“Without people like me, people like you would never go out for meals but without people like you I would just be organising myself, which would be no fun!”

You can listen to my full chat with Sarah Millican on The Bay’s website and see her live on January 14 at The Forum, in Barrow.

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