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Tailbacks on the A590 near Newby Bridge following road traffic accident


Ulverston park in the running for national award

Urswick celebrates 113 years of historic rushbearing festival

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Scale of South Lakeland social housing crisis revealed

Traffic lights return to the A590 in Lindal as broadband work takes place

Iconic Ulverston landmark rechristened after public competition

Police issue warning over dangers of 'legal highs' after canisters found in Ulverston park

Ulverston councillors resoundingly reject 'unnecessary' phone mast plan

South Lakes man, 19, to appear on trial in Crown Court after denying a string of sex offences

Urswick rushbearing ceremony to take place this weekend

Drunk Barrow teens tarnish Ulverston Lantern festival

Intrepid Ulverston and Walney teens to scale 213ft up The Big One in Blackpool