Why is my water in Ulverston brown or cloudy?

Work will soon take place in Ulverston to clean water pipes.
Work will soon take place in Ulverston to clean water pipes.
13 September 2017 6:33PM

DISCOLOURED water and loss of pressure could affect Ulverston homeowners for up to eight days during maintenance work.

From tomorrow United Utilities has warned residents of the town their water supply could be disrupted.

The work to clean the pipes throughout the town, although routine, could result in discoloured tap water and a loss in pressure.

In order to mitigate the unpleasant sight of dirty water coming through taps, the work will be restricted between 11pm and 6am.

Residents have been asked not to use dishwashers or washing machines during the hours of work.

Advice has also been given on what people can do to improve the flow of their water.

If the water is brown or dirty: Open the cold water tap nearest to the home's internal stop tap - this is usually in the kitchen. Running water will help clear sediment and return the water's colour to normal.

If the water is cloudy or milky in colour: This is residual air left in the water as a result of the cleaning process. This will clear within two to three weeks.

Can washing appliances still be used: If water is cloudy or discoloured, do not use a washing machine, dishwasher or power shower. Follow the above advice to clear any issues.

For more information on the work, visit www.unitedutilities.com, or call United Utilities on 03456723723 and quote project number 80043070.

The work will last from Thursday September 14 to Friday September 22.

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