Toby's Appeal reaches fundraising target on eve of big operation

6 September 2017 7:06PM

WELL-WISHERS, kind-hearted animal-lovers and fellow dog owners have helped to smash the target to pay for a labrador's operation just hours before he goes under the knife.

The tale of Toby the labrador has touched the hearts of many across south Cumbria and beyond who have showed their support for the plucky pet's plight.

Toby is in need of an operation to repair his injured legs and is set to head to Kentdale Vets tomorrow.

With his owners Bev and Colin Powell unable to claim on their pet insurance, a Go Fund Me campaign was launched to raise the £3,000 vet bill and, thanks to £200 from an "anonymous well-wisher", that target has now been reached.

He is obviously very special in your lives... therefore please accept the enclosed donation to help with expenses in connection with his forthcoming operation

In their letter addressed to the Powells, who live in Ulverston, the donor said: "I have recently been reading reports about yourselves and Toby in the local paper.

"He is obviously very special in your lives. Therefore, please accept the enclosed donation to help with expenses in connection with his forthcoming operation.

"I hope that the operation will be a great success for Toby and that he will soon be back to normal and pain-free.

"My very best wishes to you both and Toby, from a well-wisher."

Meanwhile, Toby's plight also caught the attention of Animal Welfare Furness which made a £500 donation to the fund and Kev Barry, from Dalton Motor Breakers, who donated £100.

Others who have handed donations to The Mail include Sean Corr with £100, a £20 cheque from an anonymous pensioner and around £35 in cash from a young woman.

Despite being partially sighted and deaf, 72-year-old Colin Powell from Ulverston has managed to retain the independence he craves by taking regular walks with his trusty sidekick Toby.

However, since last month, both Toby and Mr Powell have been left trapped in their own home since Toby was diagnosed with a leg injury.

Mr Powell only has the confidence to leave his home while his wife is at work if Toby is by his side - with Toby unable to walk the pair are now both house-bound.

Mrs Powell launched a public fundraising campaign to pay the vet bills as their pet insurance will not cover the full amount.

In a post on a Facebook page dedicated to Toby, Mrs Powell wrote today: "Not slept very well last night. Over thinking every scenario possible about tomorrow.

"Colin is very anxious and obviously worrying. Toby, well, he is oblivious to it all and won't realise anything different until he is not offered his breakfast in the morning.

"Poor lad has never been apart from us never mind sleep over some where after his bones have been broken in both front legs. Poor baby, but hopefully he will be chasing squirrels in Priory Wood again very soon."

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