Mayor's fight to improve Millom and Haverigg transport links

8 September 2017 6:20PM

PLANS to improve community transport links with outlying villages will be high on the agenda next week.

Millom mayor Angela Dixon will host the meeting alongside staff and volunteers from Age UK west Cumbria to see how to help isolated residents.

The scheme will attempt to improve connections between Millom and the local area.

Cllr Dixon said: "We want to get volunteers to join in and take their friends to the shops. Because of the lack of buses around we need to do something.

There's people in Haverigg and places which struggle to even get to the doctors.

"There are people in Haverigg and places who struggle to even get to the doctors. Older people don't like to ask for help and sometimes they might rely on their neighbours ending up taking them shopping or bringing them things."

The lack of bus services between Millom and Haverigg means people living in the village have to find other ways of getting into the town.

The meeting will attempt to address some residents' concerns, and has been boosted by backing from Age UK west Cumbria.

Cllr Dixon said: "There has been a bit of negative reaction online with some people worried about insurance, but we've got to try and do something.

"We're trying to get Age UK involved because I think if we can all work together we might get somewhere.

"I would volunteer myself but I can't do it alone. Hopefully it works but we can't not try.

Cllr Dixon is urging those initially against the idea to get involved on Tuesday.

She said: "People should come along to see what the scheme entails. If people want to know more, volunteer, or just come for information to know what it's about then they're welcome."

The meeting will take place at the Clock Tower Cafe, Millom on Tuesday September 12 at 11am.

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