Isolated cancer patient left without phone line for weeks "relieved" to be reconnected

12 October 2017 6:44PM

A VULNERABLE pensioner who was left without a phone line for seven weeks said she feels "extremely relieved" to be connected once again.

Ann Kayani from Foxfield had been without a land line since August 21, after telecoms companies Fleur and BT Openreach experienced technical issues near her property.

The 75-year-old who was diagnosed with terminal Hodgkin lymphoma in 2011 said the ordeal left her feeling "isolated" from the community and afraid she would be left stranded if her conditioned flared up.

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After many unsuccessful attempts were made to find out what was happening with her phone, Mrs Kayani spoke to The Mail in the hope of speeding up the process.

"I'm greatly relieved the phone is back on, I had been shaking each time I called Fleur.

"In the age of technology and digital, as a service I just don't think they are fit for purpose.

"The whole thing has left me exhausted and I'm very grateful to the Mail," she said.

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After a long wait, engineers turned up at Mrs Kayani's home on Monday and finally repaired the line.

They have also offered her financial compensation.

She said: "They've given me an offer, so they are paying my mobile bill until the end of this week and refunding my account since August, and giving me £30 compensation.

"I don't want to be ungrateful but I think its a bit derisory to be honest, I have been really put out."

BT Openreach confirmed Mrs Kayani had been reconnected and they were working to repair the underground ducting which had affected the line.

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