Copeland flash flooding - how you can get sandbags

Stock photograph of sandbags in use during a flood.JOE RILEY
Stock photograph of sandbags in use during a flood.JOE RILEY
30 September 2017 2:08PM

SANDBAGS are being made available to residents after flash flooding inundated homes in Copeland following hours of torrential rain.

A multi-agency group has been set up between local partners in response to flooding in Millom, Haverigg and Kirkby-in-Furness. Members of Cumbria Police, the County Council, Copeland Borough Council and the fire services are working to ensure the safety of residents and their homes.

As more heavy rain is forecast overnight (Saturday September 30) a hotline has been set up for locals to request sandbags in case of further flooding.

Telephone the emergency line on 0151 2956524 if you or your family needs sandbags.

Superintendent Mark Pannone, of Cumbria Constabulary, said: "We have been responding to calls for service this morning due to the rainfall and some properties in Millom have been flooded.

"There is some disruption on roads across the county. We ask that those driving stay clear of the closures in place and take care whilst travelling. If you do come across a flooded road, please do not attempt to travel through as you cannot be sure of the water’s depth."

The narrow band of heavy rain is expected to move on from the West of Cumbria by 2pm. It is moving is North-Easterly direction towards Windermere.

Heavy rain has already caused localised flooding in parts of South Cumbria. Stretches of the A591 and A592 were blocked due to standing water.

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