Mountain rescue annoyed by avoidable call-out

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team
17 September 2017 8:40PM

LAST night a Lake District Mountain Rescue Team received a 999 call via Cumbria Police to assist a group of walkers who were making slow progress off a mountain.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue attended the call-out where a group of walkers were benighted without torches, having been caught out when it went dark.

One of the walkers had suffered a minor injury.

The rescue team were not happy with what they faced when they met the original 999 caller.

He was at the pub, tucking into his dinner and a glass of red wine.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue said: "Rather thoughtless given I'd just left my dinner at home. Another team member had just left his dinner with the family, another a wedding and another a party.

"Now we aren't a rescue team known for criticising but this incident was 100 per cent avoidable, and we didn't hear a thank you."

It turns out that the five at the pub were part of a group of 76.

The leader of the group was said to be back at his accommodation when called to ask if he could account for the other 71, which he couldn't.

Whilst this rescue was going on the rescue teams colleagues at Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue took another call.

This time for two walkers lost in the same area.

Both teams initiated a search and eventually the missing people made their own way down the valley, without torches or a map.

The rescue team said: "Please, please, please take a map, appropriate clothing and a torch if you are going into the mountains.

"Then we can save our time for helping people who really need our assistance and we might even get to enjoy our dinner, wedding or party."

If anyone is ever in need of the rescue team call 999 and ask for the police and then mountain rescue.

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