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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

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Fury at BNP's Cumbria County Council election stance

POLITICIANS are urging voters to come out in force in next month’s Cumbria County Council elections to ensure the British National Party doesn’t gain a foothold in the county.

The BNP is fielding 42 candidates in next month’s elections, compared to none in the last election of 2005.

The far-right political group is fielding a candidate in two Barrow wards – Risedale and Hawcoat.

The BNP is also fighting for all the Copeland seats on the council – including Millom and Seascale and Whicham – as well as the South Lakes seat of Kendal Strickland and Fell. But rival parties believe voters will send out a clear message to the BNP on June 4 that they have no place in this community.

Councillor Tim Stoddard, leader of the county council’s Conservative group, said: “I do not feel that the BNP will receive enough support in Cumbria to win seats because I don’t think their policies relate to Cumbria. But no doubt the electorate will make their own decisions.”

Councillor Stewart Young, leader of the county council’s Labour group, blasted the BNP. Cllr Young said: “The British National Party is a racist organisation which is trying to present itself as a credible political party. All they want is a platform to express their divisive views.

“It is important for voters from all parties to turn out to stop the BNP.”

Councillor Ian Stewart, leader of the county council’s Liberal Democrat group, said: “It’s difficult in that if you deny them a platform, you’re actually not being very democratic and so I’m happy to expose them for what they are.

“My understanding is that they are a racist party and that is evidenced by the fact, I believe, that they have a restriction on who can be a member of their party and that restriction is based upon race.”

Councillor Jim Hamezeian, leader of the Peoples Party, said: “The BNP got a bloody nose in the borough council elections last year and we’d have thought they would have learned their lesson after being rejected by the people in Barrow. Everyone knows that the BNP is a racist party and for that reason, they will not get the backing of the people.

“They’ve done absolutely nothing for Barrow people or any places where they have got councillors.”

Independent candidate for Hawcoat, Councillor Mike Stephenson, said: “I’m absolutely opposed to what they stand for. While I agree people are entitled to an opinion, I believe their extremist views have no place in our society.”

Independent Risedale candidate Wayne Butler said: “Everybody is entitled to stand as a candidate and it’s up to the electorate to decide which way they vote.

“Hopefully, they will vote for the person that will represent them and their views on the county council.”

Mike Ashburner, Barrow and South Lakeland organiser for the BNP and the party’s Hawcoat candidate, said it is putting forward so many candidates because its popularity is rising. We’re expanding very rapidly. We’re Britain’s fastest growing political party, especially in Cumbria.

“It’s simply that our policies are so popular with people.

“We believe in putting people first. I think we’ll be very successful. I think we’ll win at least one seat (in Cumbria).”

Mr Ashburner has stated many times that neither he or the BNP is racist.

“It’s a thing that’s been around for years,” he said.

“But there’s no foundation to it.”

Keswick to Barrow 2009 - Slideshow and list of full results

How county council election candidates line up

CUMBRIA County Council election candidates.

Barry Doughty (Labour)
Jill Heath (Conservative)
Lynn Murray (Liberal Democrat)

Bill Bleasdale (Conservative)
Gordon Murray: (Liberal Democrat)
William Smith (Labour).

Mike Ashburner (British National Party)
Rebecca Melling (Labour)
David Roberts (Conservative)
Michael Stephenson (Independent)

Reginald Bird (Independent)
Anne Burns (Labour)
Rosemarie Hamezeian (Peoples Party)
James Lancaster (Conservative)

Tony Akbar (Peoples Party)
Tina Macur (Conservative)
Robert Pointer (Labour)
Philip Solloway (Independent)

Clive Kitchen (Labour)
Oliver Pearson (Independent)
Daniel Tyson (Peoples Party)
Ken Williams (Conservative)


Jim Hamezeian (Peoples Party)
Ben Shirley (Conservative)
Ernest Wilson (Labour)

Lisa Hammond (Independent)
John Murphy (Labour)
Shirley Richardson (Conservative)

Wayne Butler (Independent)
Bernie Devlin (British National Party)
Kevin Hamilton (Labour)
William McEwan (Peoples Party)
Jack Richardson (Conservative).

Marie Derbyshire (Labour)
Ray Guselli (Conservative)
Nina Hill (Independent)

Stephen Smart (Conservative)
Melvyn Worth (Labour)

Sheila Begley (Peoples Party)
Jeffrey Garnett (Labour)
David Marcus (Conservative)
Stephanie Townsend (Liberal Democrat)

Ray Cole (Conservative)
Craig Eaton (British National Party)
Robin Pitt (Labour)

Sue Brown (Conservative)
Carl Carter (Labour)
Nigel Gilligan (Green Party)
Russ McLean (British National Party)

Keith Short (Labour)
Ted Walsh (Conservative)
Rod Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

Charles Haigh (Labour)
Bill Wearing (Conservative)
Martin Wright (Liberal Democrat)

John Hemmingway (Liberal Democrat)
Claire Salisbury (Conservative)

Alan Clarke (Conservative)
Maureen Colquhoun (Labour)
David Earnshaw (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Irving (Conservative)
Janet Willis (Liberal Democrat)
Mark Wilson (Labour)


Geoff Dellow (Independent)
Peter Hornby (Conservative)
Wendy Kolbe (Labour)
Christopher Loynes (Green Party)
Simon Pardoe (Liberal Democrat)

James Airey (Conservative)
Ray Beecham (Liberal Democrat)
Roy Gill (Labour)
Bill Shaw (Green Party)


Mike Nicholson (Conservative)
Jo Stephenson (Liberal Democrat)
Stephen Thomas (Labour)

Have your say

after reading post by IAN, regarding the BNP hes is obviously been brainwashed, the BNP do not stand for a dictatorship lol, we are just normal British people standing for the rights of British people,
we do not intend to repatriate ethnic minorities, that would be a burden on our country, and we have nothing against people yhat have lived in our country for all these years and worked and paid taxes and fought for us what we want is illegal immigrants out and tighter security on our borders,
as for homosexuality, we arent bothered what two people do in their own homes, but we are concernrd that our children are taught about it in school
lets face it do you really think that the BNP would cause a civil war now that is ridiculous lol


Posted by BERNARD DEVLIN on 26 May 2009 at 12:42

"while your views on how democracy works appear to be correct, the conclusions you draw from your twisted logic are not. To say that if everyone (God forbid) voted for the BNP would make the party not extreme is not correct. It would simply make us a nation of extremists."
Hmmm, this would be simply a matter of perspective only and not to be taken as a given.

"The phrase Mark Twain popularised springs to mind "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
Every Political party is covered by this one!

"It is a sad fact that it may be possible for the BNP to win an election based upon a very small turnout. Statistically, even if the BNP gained a majority within those who vote, it would still be a minority extremist view within the general population."
This again equally applies to all Political bodies

"The BNP relies upon the driven extreme motives of a few small minded voters and the general political apathy of the normal majority in order to give itself hope that it may gain a political foothold."
I would imagine the big three [Labour/Con/Lib Dems] are now preying that is true for themselves also - nothing to do with idealism but much more to do with their lucrative positions where as the fringe or extremists as you call them are still in it for the ideology.

"It is up to the voting public majority to prove that they believe that the BNP are extremist in their view and to use their vote whatever their view."
And if they don't, then the minority could be considered what exactly? Remember the rules of democracy here and so no mud slinging.

"If a 100% turnout was achieved everyone would see just how marginal the BNP view is and by definition, what an extremist view they hold."
Er hello.....See above.

That is simply your own opinion based on what you think the general populace want.

I don't support the BNP, however watching all these idiots from MP's to Celebrities and the tabloid press to would-be political analysts do their collective best in a smear campaign against what is after all a legitimate political party, has only achieved one thing: and that is to give to them much needed free publicity and possibly quiet a lot of sympathy, so from the BNP's point of view you're just helping things along really.

Posted by Mike on 21 May 2009 at 13:09

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