Rubble trouble on new estate gives Barrow homeowner the hump

17 July 2017 6:53PM

UNFINISHED work in a Barrow housing estate has left one resident feeling angry and abandoned after builders upped tools and left.

The new St. James's Gardens housing estate, near the Holker Street ground, was meant to be an ideal place for young homeowners to put down their roots.

However months after the houses were meant to be completed, loose rubble covers the streets and protruding ironworks jut almost two inches out of the ground.

James Dowds, who lives in St James's Gardens, said: "The last building was done at the end of February, the builders picked up and have gone to Ford Park [in Ulverston].

We drove off the other day and the tyre was flat

"There are raised manhole covers on the floor, the drains are blocked by rubble and nobody has been round to tarmac the road."

Mr Dowds said that he has encountered trouble with his car, problems he says comes from driving over the rough surface in the estate day after day.

He said: "We drove off the other day and the tyre was flat, it had been punctured."

The construction of the new estate was a partnership project run between Brookehouse Group, Holker Group, and Modlar Homes.

A spokesman for the partnership said: "United Utilities have been out there this morning [July 17] to look at the pumping station and there is a contractor who has done the drains. They will be there in the next two weeks."

The spokesman said the final layer of tarmac cannot be put down until United Utilities have finished, and remedial work has been carried out on the drainage system. This was to avoid the new road surface having to be dug up soon after it was put down.

"A rough idea of when it will all be done is four to six weeks. We're sorry if anyone is disgruntled, that is not what we want."

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