Police officers catch suspect after chase through Barrow town centre when his dog stops for a wee

The public toilets in Fell Street, Barrow
The public toilets in Fell Street, Barrow
10 October 2017 4:07PM

A MAN accused of theft, criminal damage and assaulting a police officer has been arrested after being chased through Barrow town centre.

Shoppers witnessed the pursuit which started in the High Street area of the town centre and led past the public toilets behind Dalton Road.

Police later confirmed the 26-year-old man was arrested in Duke Street on suspicion of theft, causing criminal damage and police assault.

Officers said they managed to arrest the suspect when his dog stopped "to relieve itself".

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robert   knowles , barrow in furness Tuesday, 10 October, 2017 at 9:07PM
Really ?, you would think he had murdered someone, 5 officers on foot couldnt catch a guy that was barely jogging, and the 2nd police car that must have been doing 60mph + up Crellin St (parked cars up either side and a cross road) shouldnt have had any reason to be putting peoples lives at risk for that,
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