New triage system launched to speed up Barrow's A&E

A new triage system has been launched to speed up A&E waiting times at Furness General Hospital.
A new triage system has been launched to speed up A&E waiting times at Furness General Hospital.
19 June 2017 5:01PM

A NEW system designed to speed up A&E waiting times has been launched.

The new scheme is on trial at Furness General Hospital in a bid to ensure all patients are given an initial assessment by a nurse within 15 minutes of their arrival.

It is hoped the system will make sure anyone seriously ill is seen urgently while those who could access treatment and advice from their GP or pharmacy do not spend hours waiting in the emergency department unnecessarily.

The new system involves a two stage triage process - with a nurse talking to the patient in order to check how urgently they need to see a medic before a specially trained clinical support worker then carries out a range of standard tests such as blood pressure and heart monitoring.

Previously, only 30 per cent of arrivals To FGH were triaged within the NHS 15 minute target.

Now, around 70 per cent of patients are seen within the optimum time.

Jackie Daniel, chief executive of the trust in charge of FGH, explained the new system has already proven successful within hospitals in York.

She said: "Historically, the triage nurse at FGH was responsible for assessing the patient as well as undertaking all the diagnostic tests and observations, resulting in triage times that were considerably longer than the NHS England average.

Mrs Daniel added: "This is a fantastic example of leaders and their teams taking the initiative and making immediate improvements for patients and staff."


Live waiting times on display at Barrow hospital A&E

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